On July 17, 2013, approximately 35 dehydrated SOBs staggered into the House of O’Marro seeking relief from the torrid heat of tropical Oshkosh. And after reviving themselves with beer, mead and wine they conducted their 268th monthly meeting. Let’s get to it!

The festivities kicked off with a rambling toast by one of our distinguished founders Sir. Al Jacobson. The somewhat bearded one spoke eloquently of zucchini wine and just about every other damned thing he could think of before finally exhausting himself and croaking, “Let’s get this meeting over with so we can drink some beverages!” To which all heartily agreed.

After the introduction of a trio of visitors to our fold(s), the topic of dues was raised. Steve Wissink did some gentle arm twisting reminding the SOBs that July is the time to cough up their annual membership fee. It’s still just $20 a year, folks. Cheap!

Our President Chuck “sure, I can tour three breweries in a day” Tomsovic then threw up a good idea: we’re going to begin having short brewing-related demos that’ll take place 15 minutes before the start of each meeting. The demos will be announced in the email he sends out prior to the meetings. If there’s something you’d like to see, or a demo you’d like to do, just speak with a board member and we’ll make it happen.

Also, if you’re aware of any speakers you’d like to see come before the club and jabber about the sort of topics we like, don’t be shy about letting us know about it. The SOBs would love to hear some new voices.

Conveniently enough, we then heard from one of our guests, Shane Coombs of the Rushford Meadery & Winery. Shane will soon launch his Meadery/Winery in Omro and he’s invited us out to take a look at his digs and talk fermentation. Mark Schmelling is going to work the details out on that. More to follow.

Casks & Caskets then took the floor. Mike Engel gave an informative dissertation on where we’re at with that. Here’s the condensed version of the pertinent stuff.

  • We Need Beer – there’s no beer fest without the beer, so if this is gonna work we’ll all need to contribute something liquid. Please, take a minute to go to the ONLINE SIGNUP and add your name to the list. Even if you aren’t sure of what your brewing yet, put your name up so the C&C committee can get a sense of where we’re at with beer.
  • Casks & Caskets 2013 will be at Oshkosh Convention Center. The event will take place on Saturday, November 2nd. There’ll be a VIP dinner and sampling starting at 5pm with the general tasting running from 7-10pm.
  • Tickets will be $30 in advance, $40 at the door and $60 for the VIP, which includes the beer dinner.
  • Our Charity will, once again, be the Oshkosh Hunger Task Force.
  • Sponsors, at this point, include DPI Printing, Time-Warner Cable & Cumulus Broadcasting.
  • We’ll be holding a Silent Auction, so if you know of a business that might be a potential contributor contact Linda Lyster, Michelle Rosenberg or Janet Wissink. If you can’t get your hands on them, shoot me an email and I’ll forward it.
  • We’ll advertise the event via socila media, print, TV and Radio along with SOBs talking it up at our booth at the Saturday Farmer’s in Oshkosh (dates TBD).

Obviously the C&C committee is doing a great job getting this up and running. The rest of us get to do the fun stuff. C’mon brothers & sisters, let’s get those kettles busy.

Onto some other fests in the near future.

  • Great Lakes Brew Fest in Racine is coming up on September 14. We’ll have some SOBs heading down with homebrew. If you want to be part of the fun contact Jeff Eaton ( jeaton51@hotmail.com ). By the way, if you’d like to submit beer to the homebrew contest portion of this fest contact Julie Lawson ( julielawson@peoplepc.com ). She might be able to help get your beer down to Racine in good shape.
  • St. Gabes Brewfest in Neenah is October 11. The SOBs involvement in this one appears to be up in the air at the moment, but if Chuck T. can find out what the hell is going on up there, you’ll be hearing more.

Looks like we’ll have another Timber Rattlers outing on either August 14 or 28. Our man Schmelling is getting that rolling and he’ll be sending a shout out about it in the near future.

Finally a few quick hitters

  • Monthly homebrew competitions coming back to the monthly meeting? Perhaps. More to come.
  • Another Group Brew in the offing? Sounds like it. September 7 or 14 look promising. Stay tuned.
  • Want to get a beer into the first Waupaca County Fair Homebrew Comp? Get in touch with Patrick Tribbey ( TribbeyPat@hotmail.com ) and he’ll hook you up.
  • We rocked the hell out of Brews n’ Blues again this year. Great job, you SOBs.
  • The Beer Barons Bus Tour sounded like it was fun… and then the bus home brokedown. Apparently there was no shortage of beer on board, so that sounded sort of fun, too.
  • The SOB brewery tour North (Point, O’so, Central Waters) was a blast and worth all the pain of the morning after.

We weren’t done, yet. Patrick Tribbey ended the meeting with a cool demonstration on how to make a wort chiller. Nice job, Patrick. Who’s gonna do the next demo? Step right up with your favorite topic, you SOB!

Then came the real fun. John Dewane did us all a solid by bringing in a banquet of delicious sausages. We haven’t eaten this good since the last beer dinner. Thanks John! We washed it down was a bunch of fine beer, mead and wine. Once again, not everybody signed their potables in, but here’s what the list shows. Thanks again to all of you for sharing.

  • Pre-Prohibition Pilsner by Lee Reiherzer
  • Old Codger Belgian Golden by Kevin Lentzen
  • Spiced Porter by Brett Hintz
  • Blonde Ale by John Dewayne
  • Xoconoslte Melomel by Shane Coombs