More than 40 thirsty souls packed into the backroom of O’Marro’s Public House on the steamy night  of August 21, 2013 to celebrate the spirit of Gambrinus. Meaning a bunch of SOBs got the hell out of that awful heat to drink some beer at Shawn’s place.

Winnebago Wortier
Things got started even before they got started with a pre-meeting demo by Jody Cleveland. Jody took us through his method for canning wort to make a super-quick yeast starter. Sounds tough, but it actually turns out to be pretty simple. Nice job, Jody. Next month, he’ll be showing us how he’s developed his own yeast bank and how you can do it, too. Start time will be 6:45. Be there to feed your inner geek.

And then the meeting began. Our man Chuck T. is out gallivanting in foreign lands, so Jody grabbed the gavel and let it rip. This one rolled by pretty quick, but was loaded with info. Here goes:

The Toast
Longtime SOB Randy Bauer took the honors; wishing us clean shirts, clear consciences and enough coins for another pint.  In a room full of SOBs, the only thing more rare than a clean shirt is a clear conscience, but it was a nice thought, all the same.

New Faces
Once again, we had a good group of newbies. Ian, Zach, John, Andy and Tim (from the Green Bay Rackers) checked us out and got the SOB treatment. One of the not-so-new faces was that of Brandon Barkalow. Brandon was an SOB up a couple years ago when work took him to Milwaukee. Now he’s back in the area and back in the SOB fold. Welcome home Brandon!

Casks & Caskets
You know the date (November 2), you know the venue (Oshkosh Convention Center), and you know it’s gonna be great. But there’s still work to be done.

First, we could definitely use some more beer/mead/wine. Right now we have almost 30 pours lined up, but 40 would be better. Please sign up soon HERE. If you’d rather not use the online sign-up, drop me an email ( and I’ll get you on the list.

Also, we’re looking for sponsors. If you know of a business that might help us with funding, please contact Mike Engel ( or Janet Wissink ( And if you know of a business or a person willing to donate to the silent auction, Janet can help you with that, too. C’mon, you SOBs, we need auction bait!

By the way, you can check out our swank Cask & Caskets’ webpage at Pass that link along, friends. People can even purchase their tickets online this year! Damn, we almost look like we know what we’re doing.

SOB Group Brew
Here we go again… We’ll be doing another tribal brew on Saturday, September 7 in the parking lot of O’Marro’s. Things will be in full swing by 9 am, so haul out your gear and brew something great. Might be a good time to brew a batch for Casks & Caskets (hint, hint). Details on this one will be forthcoming.

Farmer’s Market
We did well at our last outing in downtown Oshkosh, with a lot of people stopping by our booth to gawk at the SOBs. We’ll have another Main St. booth for the Farmer’s Market on Saturday September 14. This time, we’ll even have homebrew samples to give away at Oblio’s. If you would like to help out, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the scoop. If you happen to be at the Farmer’s Market, make sure you stop by and say hello.

Great Lakes Brewfest
Another September 14 event. There’s still a spot left for this fest. Get in touch with Jeff Eaton ( for more info.

Timber Rattlers Outing
The ball game is coming up quick (Wednesday, August 28). Looks like we’ve got a pretty good pack of SOBs heading out to the park. Mark Schmelling will be sending out an email shortly with all the details on tailgating and such.

Schmelling’s Annual Apple Crush
Each fall (apples permitting) Mark Schmelling hosts an apple crush/cider making party at his estate. This year’s apple bash is slated for September 28, so all you cider heads take heed. Presses and grinders are supplied; you bring the apples. Mark will be sending out more on this event as the date approaches.

Rushford Meadery & Winery Tour
We’re looking to do a tour of this soon to be open awesome place during the 2nd week of October. The Rushford Meadery & Winery is being established by the SOB’s very own Shane Coombs. More to come, as this tour takes shape.

Fond Du Lac Brewfest
This is a few months out (Saturday, February 1, 2014), but I thought we ought to get it on the docket. This is a great little beer fest that our Fondy brethren, the Central Wisconsin Vintners & Brewers, have a hand in. This year they’ll again be running “Homebrew Island” at the fest. That includes a homebrew competition with the winning brewer getting their beer brewed at O’so. Hmmmm, it would be good to see an SOB taking the honors at that one.

Patrick Heads to Huberland
With heavy mugs, we bid a fond adieu to Patrick Tribbey, who is leaving us for the land of Huber Bock and Limburger cheese. Patrick has been a fine SOB for several years now, but his move to Monroe, WI means we’ll be missing his fiendish charm at our future meetings. Good luck, Patrick, show ‘em how it’s done in Monroe!

SOB Salute
A big thanks to Steve and Janet Wissink and Dennis Knickelbein. They fed us well. Actually, they brought in more food than even we SOBs could finish. I never thought I’d see that happen.  Thanks!

The Beer Roll
A nice selection of drinkables helped to round out the night. Thanks to all those who shared their stuff.
Bryce Hinsch – Summer Hummer Mead
Tim Pfiester (our Green Bay Rackers Friend) – American Wheat, Chili Amber, American Pale Ale
Eric Hunter – Wife’s Out Stout
Jeff Eaton – Java Jammin’ Porter
Lee Reiherzer – Bitter German Dunkel
And there were others, but alas they weren’t signed in. So it goes.