16d03c86cbe945b3c391053af0db5da9-200x391You SOBs won’t have to suffer my meanderings much longer, so allow me a moment to digress before I’ve even begun. Last night while sitting there in the O’Marro cocoon, I looked up from a nice cup of dark lager to see Al Jacobson and hear him say something I could never hope understand. I’m sure you know what that’s like. But suddenly it occurred to me that exactly twenty-two and one half years earlier – in that same damned building – a small band of homebrewers got together and dreamed up a plan to create a Society of Oshkosh Brewers. And Al Jacobson was there! And I’ll bet my brew kettle that not Al or any of those other primordial SOBs could have ever guessed that one day their fledgling, little club would grow into the tremendous thing it is today. And with that bit of wool gathering out of the way, I welcome you to the 272nd monthly meeting of the Society of Oshkosh Brewers.

Before the shindig started, the SOBs huddled up and had their picture taken behind a big, $7,000 check that the club presented to the Oshkosh Hunger Task Force. The money, of course, was the proceeds from this year’s Casks & Caskets. It was smiles all around the room. You SOBs deserve to feel proud!

As we settled into our seats, our good Dick Waltenberry favored us with a compact toast, “May you be merry and lack nothing.” And with that, we got down to business. Here’s the upshot of what went down.

By Laws
The board went back to the drawing board on new language for term limits. More work needs to be done, but that’ll be coming up for another vote. Look for it early next year.

Wanna run for the SOB board? Why the hell not? Elections will take place at the January meeting. Nominations for any and all positions will be accepted right up to the time of the vote. I (Lee, here) won’t be running again for Secretary, so that post will definitely need to be filled. Keven Jelic has already thrown his hat into the ring, now how about you?

A Very SOB Christmas
Ian Wenger and Zach Clark are planning this year’s holiday bash and confusing the hell out of Bryce in the process. Good work, men! For $8 you’ll get a good meal and all the fun you can stand. Ian and Zach are going to need a head count for the food, so look for an email on that to arrive soon. Also, they’re looking for SOBs to provide dessert, so If you have a knack for making it with the sweets, shoot Zach an email at zacharyclark25@yahoo.com. As always, bring beer or any other libations you favor. We’ll also be doing a gift exchange ($10 limit on gifts). Should be a great night, look for more to come on this.

2014 Fondy Brewfest
Fond du Lac Brewfest will be February 1, 2014 at the FDL County Expo Center. The SOBs will be part of the “Homebrew Island” at the festival, which includes a Best of Show homebrew competition. The winning beer will get brewed on the big system at O’so Brewing in lovely Plover, WI. For more info on getting your beer in, contact Keven Jelic at jayelisea94@hotmail.com.

February Beer Dinner at Stone Cellar
Bryce Hinsch is working this one up. He’s booked the English Room at Stone Cellar for February 19. The main course of our annual beer dinner will be something Greek. The other courses will follow an “Around the World” theme so brew whatever the hell you’d like; Chef Brady will figure out something to pair with it! More news about this event as it develops.

SOBs at the AHA
The American Homebrewers Association’s big homebrew conference is June 10-14 in Grand Rapids, MI and the SOBs will be there. The club is putting together a committee to get things set up and organized and, as always, we could use your help. A call for committee members will be sent out in the coming month.

Casks & Caskets
Well, it’s behind us now, but we’re still basking in the afterglow. It’s hard to overstate what a smashing success this year’s Casks was. With over 300 people (including volunteers) in attendance and $7,000 generated for our charity; this thing blew the doors off any previous event the club has undertaken. A show of hands showed strong support for us doing it all over again next year. A huge thanks to all you SOBs, especially the Casks Committee for making it such a great night.

On that happy note, we dived into a sea of Chili. The most aromatic of SOB meetings is always a treat and this one did not disappoint. We had more pots of chili than you could shake a toilet plunger at. By night’s end, there wasn’t an empty belly in the house. Let’s not forget the good beer we washed it all down with. Here’s a somewhat truncated list of brews that were served:

Pumpkin Spice Ale by Jeff Eaton
Cherry Wheat Ale by Jeff Eaton
Spiced Applewine by Jeff Eaton
Pliny Clone by Mike Engel (how the hell did I miss this?)
Belgian Blond by John Dewayne
Irish Ale  by John Dewayne
Brown Lager by Jody Cleveland
Blatz by Valentine Blatz
And there were more…

Thanks to all you SOBs who brought the Chili and Suds!