05bd2f31439d8bcea3c891d1aadc556a-500x304On the brisk evening of December 18, 2013 a parade of gift-bearing tipplers streamed into the heart of O’Marro’s Public House to discover the true meaning of Christmas; which seems to have something to do stuffing yourself to the gills and drinking lots of beer. It’s the annual SOB Christmas Party!

The evening began with a quick salute by SOB Scott Westpfahl, who encouraged us all to “Throw back a ‘round.” The appeal was heartily rejoined.

Then before the party went into full roar, we covered just a spot of business. With Chuck in absentia (or is he in China?), Jody Cleveland strode the dais. Here’s the biz we whistled through.

Elections in January
We’ve got an election coming in January. All board positions are up for grabs with the Secretary position being vacant. Nominations will be taken prior to the vote at the January meeting.

Fond du Lac Brewfest
It’s rapidly approaching (February 1, 2014). There will be 11 homebrew clubs on hand at the fest including the SOBs. If you want to get your beer served, contact Jeff Eaton (jeaton51@hotmail.com). For more info on the Fondy Fest, check out the Brewfest webpage.

Beer Dinner at Stone Cellar
It’ll happen February 19 and our man Bryce Hinsch getting it all mapped out. Email Bryce at hinsch@centurytel.net to reserve your seats. Bryce says he recently ran into Chef Brady, who will be preparing the meal. The Chef says he’s looking forward to dishing up the SOBs, once again. In years past, this event has been wildly praised. Don’t miss it!

AHA Conference
This will take place in Grand Rapids from June 10-14. Mark Schmelling is getting a committee together to plan this event. He could use your help. Contact Mark by email at pp270@wmis.net.

Added Flavor
Look for some changes coming beginning with the January meeting. Each month, we’ll be doing a short tasting and talk about beer styles. We’ll also try to begin featuring an SOB-brewed beer at each meeting. If you’re looking for some honest and kind feedback about something you’ve brewed, be sure to bring it in and share.

And Then We Partied… Christmas Style
Many thanks to Ian Wenger and Zach Clark for coordinating the whole thing. Men, you did a great job! Also, thanks to Shawn & Brandy O’Marro for a table full of fine grub. And thanks to all you SOBs who brought in their beer, mead and wine to share. We had more libations than even a big crowd of SOBs could swallow. Well done, you SOBs! We ate, we drank, we exchanged gifts and we got very, very merry. 2013 was a terrific year to be an SOB. Here’s to 2014 and all the fun to come.