We had a big turnout on Apr 16, about 47 by my count.  I think it was our guest speaker that may have drawn them in…

So, at 7:00 we kicked off the evening with a toast from Mike Schlosser.  It was short, sweet, to the point, and with a rhyme.  I believe it went over very well.  Thanks Mike!

That was followed shortly by welcoming our newest member, Tim Pfeister from Green Bay.  Tim brought his ESB, an APA, an Oatmeal Stout and a 2yo Doppelbock.  He is also a Green Bay Racker and still attends now and then to do some education.  Welcome aboard Tim and thanks for the beers.  They were delicious.  We also welcomed (first as a visitor then, after the meeting, as a member) Dan Dringoli from Neenah.  Welcome!

We also welcomed our other visitors, Chris Letizia from Neenah, and Dennis Ketels from Brillion.  Maybe we’ll see them become members in the not too distant future.

Then it was time for our distinguished guest… Kirby Nelson from Wisconsin Brewing Company!

As Kirby stated, he likes to hear himself talk and I don’t think anyone minded one bit.  Kirby had everyone listening to every word he said as he went from one tangent to the next.  With stories intertwined with tips on how to approach making beer, how could we turn away.  What a history he has been a part of in the beginnings of Wisconsin craft brewing.  I wish I could fill you in on all he talked about but I was too busy listening as well… that and I would’ve had way too many notes.  Fortunately, Lee Reiherzer had an interview with Kirby before the night began and if you would like to read this interview, it will be posted in the SCENE in the June issue which will be out June 1.  Unfortunately, Kirby had to leave after his lecture to get back to Madison and was unable to stick around and enjoy some of our homebrews.  Who knows, Mike, maybe he’ll take you up on that homebrew lesson you offered him someday.

A little extra note, Kirby sent a note to Lee the next morning that stated, “I really enjoyed myself last night.  Nice group of folks!”  Thanks, Kirby!  We look forward to meeting up with him again when we tour WBC on May 10.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

After Kirby’s departure we got down to the business of passing the clubs Bylaws as was sent out to all for you to review.  Janet Wissink motioned to accept the Bylaws as presented, Kyle Clark seconded it, and it was a unanimous “Yes” vote to accept the Bylaws as presented.  Phew!  Now that’s out of the way.  Thanks everyone.

Next, Jeff Eaton gave us the latest update about the Mad Town Brew Tour.  The tour is on May 10  and we will be visiting/touring Ale Asylum, Karben4 (if time allows), Wisconsin Brewing Company, then Gray’s Tied House or Great Dane Fitchburg if time allows.  The bus will be departing the park-and-ride on the corner of Hwy’s 41 & 76 across from Kwik-Trip at 9:15am and is planning on arriving back home by 7:00pm.  Jeff was able to get a 24-person hospitality bus and if we can fill it up the cost will be $30 per person, tip included.  It has since been offered up to the Fond du Lac homebrew club, Central Wisconsin Vintners & Brewers.  And as of Monday, there were only about 7 spots left.  So, if anyone else would like to be part of this tour, please contact Jeff ASAP at jeaton51@hotmail.com.  Thanks Jeff for putting this together!  It should be a great time.

Big Brew Day (May 3) was next on our discussions.  As in the past, we will be having the event in the parking lot of O’Marro’s Public House.  Start time will be 8:00am and we ask that if you are planning on brewing to schedule your time to be wrapped up by 3:00pm so that the pub can be ready for customers.  There will be water, electricity and rest room access.  While the club will be providing snack items like chips, we ask if anyone attending could also bring a dish to pass.  Plus, Charlie’s Hot Dog Wagon will be there selling his dogs and wurst.  Thank you Shawn O’Marro for allowing us to have this great event at your location!

Then we quickly touched on Blues n’ Brews which will be held on June 21  at the Leach Amphitheater.  This is one of our clubs main events for sharing our wares, so now is the time to start planning on what you would like to share for our booth.  Plus, it sounds like there will be blues bands there this year.

We also briefly mentioned the upcoming AHA Conference (June 12-14) in Grand Rapids, MI, where some of our members will be learning, sharing and representing the SOB’s.  Boy, sure wish I could’ve joined that one.  Have fun!

We also wanted to thank Nick & Amanda Belville for their help in getting all of legal paperwork in order for Casks & Caskets.  More info to follow that at a later date.  We also wanted to thank Shane Coombs for his “Friends of the Meadery” event that was held on Apr 5 at Rushford Winery in Omro.  Sounds like it was a great event and all that attended had a great time.

Before we came to a close, there was mention of a Duck Corn Wine “comparison” between Al Jacobson and Jody Cleveland.  I’m going to have to count on all of you to fill the rest of us in on how that went.  I didn’t get around to trying them and from the stories I’ve heard about the potency of this wine maybe that was a good decision.  J  There were also some treats brought in from Jeff Eaton and Becky Gall to pair with the selection of WBC beers that Lee brought in.  Sadly, there wasn’t much beer left by the time we got to eating.  But a big thanks anyway to Jeff & Becky for bringing the evenings munchies!

At about 8:20, Al Jacobson motioned to adjourn the nights’ meeting and was immediately followed by many seconds.

Along with Tim’s beers and Al & Jody’s wine, the following also brought in some fermented beverages for us to share.  Thanks everyone.
John Dewane brought his Milk Stout and a Duppel
Kyle & Curt Clark brought a Bourbon Barrel Porter and an Irish Blonde
Brett Hintz brought a Jalapeño Beer
Linda Lyster brought a Cherry Wine

The night went on for quite some time and I think we all had a great time.  If I don’t see you all on May 3, I hope to see you at our next club meeting on May 21.

Happy brewing!