Well, Chuck happened to be traveling the world (for work) and we did not have a committee meeting.  It may have showed a bit as our agenda for the night was hastily put together and ran through fairly quickly.  Including our Toast for the night.  For that we turned to our newest review program “On the Couch with Zach & Ian”.  Thank you guys for the last minute request and starting our night off.  We look forward to what your program will offer next. J

Even though the meeting went quick we did cover pretty much all of what was and will be happening.  Items such as Big Brew Day and the Mad Town Brewery Tour.  Everyone who was part of these events had a great time and after the extremely long and cold winter were extremely grateful for the beautiful days we had.  Suggestions for another possible tour were for Green Bay/Door County.  More will be looked at for this choice and we may request the assistance of some of our members in planning this.

We also ran down some of the upcoming events such as AHA Conference (there was also a video to see after the meeting of the “log run” to be used at the conference and very possibly other events), Brews n’ Blues, Casks & Caskets, and Appleton Ale Fest.  All of which will be discussed more at the next meeting.

A couple of other items were brought up for future activities.  August 2 is Mead Day.  Like Big Brew Day and according to AHA, “Mead Day was created to increase mead awareness and foster camaraderie among meadmakers.”  Nothing official has been planned for this event just yet but if you’re interested…  Plus, in Feb 2015, the Appleton Libation Enthusiasts are having an Iron Brewer Competition.  The only information we have right now is that you must use Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit Yeast.  From there it is pretty much wide open as to what you would like to make, all fermented beverages are on the table, whether it be beer, cider, wine or mead.  It is $5 per entry and there is no limit as to the number of entries.  They will have more details as the date draws nearer.

Mike Engel also informed us that Stone Arch Brew House will be making his Pumpernickel Rye again on a big scale.  The date had yet to be determined but for those who didn’t get to be a part of this last time might want to look at this time around.  Here’s a chance to be part of beer making at a craft brewery scale.

Other items that were brought up were a burner and regulator for sale that Mike Engel brought in from Mark Stanick(?).  And Julie Lawson brought to our attention some of the upcoming competitions such as the German Fest Stein Challenge and the Schooner Homebrew Championship.  She wanted all to know that for events like this where she is judging/attending she will be happy to pick-up your entries from places like The Cellar in FdL and transport them to the event.  See Julie if you have any other questions about this.

Beer offerings for the night were Jeff Eaton’s Chocolate Bunny Porter and a Smoked Porter, John Dewane brought in a Beer de Garde, Keven Jelic had a “Z” Weizenbock that had been morphed into a Saison, Ian & Zack brought a Sorachi Ace Pale Ale, Travis Sullivan had an Oak Aged Imperial IPA, and Kevin Lentzen brought some beers from former member Matt Willey who is now an assistant brewer at Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield, CO.