Chuck Tomsovic started our night off with a toast and Steve Wissink informed us on our financial status.

Jeff Eaton gave us an update on the AHA Conference.  There were 70 different homebrew clubs represented and over 4000 people attending.  The SOB’s had a lumberjack themed booth and the “Log Run” was very well received.  After the meeting had adjourned and the social hour had begun, Shaun Lord had setup his laptop to project a slideshow of photos from the conference for all to see.

There was a last minute update for Brews n’ Blues, which also showcased the Log Run and had the SOB’s very own Mike Engel performing with his band Tin Sandwich.

Mike Engel informed us on the latest news for Casks & Caskets.  He was able to get some of last year’s sponsors to return and the sponsor letters for getting others to come on board will be sent out soon.  The event also started to receive items for the silent auction.  Plus, Copper Box had been approached as a possible band option for the event.  The goal for this year’s Casks & Caskets is to give the food pantries of Oshkosh $10K.

Steve Wissink gave us an update for the upcoming Aug meeting at their house.

Then we wanted to know who had anything brewing and Jody Cleveland mentioned that he is currently ¼ of the way through Brewing Classic Styles.  Richard Cardenas had just started two lilac wines and a mint wine.  And Chuck Tomsovic had bottled his Altbier.

It was then mentioned that Pigeon River was now on tap at Dublin’s.

Andy McClaine & Al Jacobson motioned to have the meeting adjourned and there were many seconds.  Motion was carried and it was then on to the cheese pairings.

The nights lineup of beer and cheeses were:
Kevin & Karen Lentzin brought an Abbey Dubel paired with Black Pepper cheese
Jeff Eaton brought an Amber Ale paired with Parmesan cheese, Founder’s Oak Aged Rye IPA & Bell’s Barley Ale
Steve Wissink brought an American Pale Ale & O’so Clove Kit paired with Feta cheese
Michael Udelhoven brought a Maibock paired with Spent Grain Bread made from the Maibock
Brett Hintz brought a Beer/Wine Hybrid
Ian Wegner & Zach Clark brought an Imperial Vienna Lager paired with Sharp Provolone cheese & Saffron Kölsch paired with Dill Havarti Cheese
Bob (Stein?) and Dennis (Nickelbein?) brought a Robust Porter paired with Caerphilly & Ale Caerphilly cheeses
Shawn Lord brought a smattering of beers
Richard Cardenas brought a Multigrain Pale Ale paired with Muenster chees, a Strawberry Rhubarb Wine paired with Farmers cheese, a Sun Sugar Tomato Wine paired with Mozzarella cheese, a Dry Green Apple Cider paired with Peppadew Goat cheese, a Mint Wine & Blueberry Pomegranate Mead paired with Feta cheese, and an assortment of crackers.
Mike Schlosser & Megan Higgins brought a Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout paired with Fudge cheese (yummy!)
Andy & Sandy McClaine brought Pabst Blue Ribbon paired with Easy Cheese with Bacon Ritz crackers
Someone I don’t recall brought Keystone Light paired with Processed American cheese
Another not on the list brought Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA paired with Blue cheese

All in all, I’d say that was one of the best pairings with cheese and beer, wine, meads & ciders I ever had.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.