There will be no meeting at O’Marro’s on Aug 20!

In place of that there will be a Picnic being held at the home of Steve & Janet on Aug 23 from 5:00p-9:00p.  They request that you sign up soon so that they may have a head count by Aug 16.  The online signup is here:


The picnic is open to all members and a guest.  No children are allowed.  All that is asked is that each attendee bring either a dish to pass or $5 to help cover the cost of the meat.  Also don’t forget to bring your homebrews to share and a lawn chair.  Soda & water will be provided.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Chuck called the meeting to order a little after 7:00 and Karen Lentzin provided our toast… something about being pickled, I believe.  This was followed by our financial update from Steve Wissink and a reminder about membership dues being up.

A wrap-up of Blues n’ Brews was next, which had a great turnout from everyone there.  The log run was a hit for many.  Kurt said that the music was much better this year.  Why, even one of our very own SOBs (Mike Engel) was performing there with his band Tin Sandwich.  Tim Pfeister complimented on the constant crowd at the SOB tent.  And Jody Cleveland mentioned how out of all of the breweries/beers represented there it was two SOB’s who took 1st (Lee Reiherzer for his Mango Mash) and 2nd (Mike Engel for his Pumpernickel Rye).  Well done both of you!

Janet Wissink filled us in on a few items.  One being the August Meeting/Picnic mentioned previously.  Also, for those who are interested in helping out at the Farmers Market, the dates are Aug 9 & Sep 23.  Setup must be ready by 8:00 am (start at 7:30) and takedown is at 1:00 pm.  On Aug 9, Steve Wissink will be serving some homebrews at Oblio’s.  There is an opening for those who are helping out with the Farmers Market.  Contact Jody Cleveland or Janet Wissink for more information.  Also, on Oct 25 there will be a chili cook off downtown Oshkosh.  More details to follow.

Janet continued on with Casks & Caskets relaying information from Mike.  They are working on getting sponsors and currently have Beckett’s, Draft Magazine, 96.9FM, and DPI for all of our printing needs.  There is even a possibility on getting Gardina’s.  Karen Lentzin asked about food at the event.  This year it was decided that there will be no VIP dinner but the Oshkosh Convention Center will be providing food for purchase to all attendees.  At this time, sponsorship letters are being sent out and if any member knows of a business who they think might like to sponsor or provide an item for the silent auction to please contact Janet Wissink or Mike Engel.

Along with C&C we discussed a bit more about insurance.  The American Homebrewers Association is offering insurance for homebrew clubs across the US.  Chuck has been in contact with the AHA and getting more info on this and was informed to check back in late July.  Based on emails going back and forth it looks as if this is a very viable option for us.  This is a real good price at a cost of $3.50 per member for a year’s coverage for meetings & social events such as Casks & Caskets and beer tours or picnics.  The club officers would also like to thank Steve Wissink for doing a lot of leg work researching and getting quotes as we looked at insurance coverage!

There were a couple of new faces this night.  Brian Schneider was just getting into homebrewing and had already made a sparkling wine.  And Carl Braun who had been brewing for a while and had his 3rd all-grain fermenting at that time.

The conversation then went to the topic of educational opportunities.  If any of you would like to be part of these and help organizing and run these training opportunities, feel free to contact one of the officers.

One was a glassware demonstration where we would look at how different glasses are used for different beers and the reason for them.  Ideas for setting up this would be to check with Shawn O’Marro’s glass distributor and see what options they may have.  Cicerone was another avenue in looking for ideas.

The other was an off-flavor tasting where we would look at getting a Siebel Off-Flavor Tasting Kit.  These different vials are mixed with a base light beer to get different off-flavors that we can use to train our taste buds so we know what to look for in our own beers and the reasons for them.  Tim Pfeister suggested having a separate day for this event with those who are interested in this and they could help foot the bill.  Bryce Hinsch expressed that the club dues should pay for this as that is what the club should offer.  This had many positive reinforcements.  Mike Douglas was not for this as he is a wine/mead maker and thought that having the club pay for this would be unfair to those who do not make beer.  Ian House brought up the 8-week BJCP course he went to in Green Bay and offered that up as an option.  Julie Lawson mentioned talking to Brandon Kolbe about having one of those events at O’Marro’s. Tim Pfeister said that he would contact his fellow Green Bay Racker on getting more info about that course.  It was also mentioned that there are some things you can do with household items to mimic these off-flavors without having to purchase a kit which could also be an option for a smaller tasting done at the meetings.

Julie Lawson wanted all to know that the SOB’s were mentioned on the Brewing Network podcast from the AHA Conference.

Mark Schmelling asked if there are any other interests that members are looking for as a pre-meeting training.  Bryce Hinsch suggested that we pose this question to all of our members via email for feedback.

Tim Pfeister was looking for assistant brewers to help brew for his upcoming wedding, which should be very, very soon.  He wanted to have all homemade beers and wines for this special event.  We hope all goes well for your big day, Tim.  Congratulations!

Julie Lawson asked if there was going to be any SOB representation for Great Lakes Brew Fest held Sep 13 in Racine.  Jeff Eaton said there was currently 3 going and there was room for 1 more.  Karen Lentzen mentioned that they had a very busy booth last year.  Julie also mentioned that the sign up for the Schooner Homebrew Championship was coming up soon (in fact it opened yesterday).  This competition goes along with the Great Lakes Brew Fest.  You can either mail your entries in or, even better, drop them off at The Cellar in Fond du Lac.  Julie Lawson will then be taking your beers down to Racine for judging.  Check out www.theschooner.org for more info.

It was mentioned that Dublin’s is having a beer fest (date unknown) and that they are growing hops.

Jody Cleveland took a break from his Brewing Classic Styles to build his keezer.  We hope that is all going well.

Jeff Eaton informed us that the Appleton Beer Factory is offering for the SOB’s to brew on one of their one barrel systems.  They would provide food and would serve the beer on tap.  Jeff is going to contact them to see of the possibility of that being done to the Casks & Caskets winner.  It was suggested to have them stop down for one of our meetings and maybe even be a C&C sponsor.

There is still talk about a possible Green Bay brewery tour.  More to follow.

Bryce Hinsch asked about the chance of a second beer dinner to be held in Oshkosh.  As there will be no VIP dinner for C&C, this was brought up at as a possibility during one of the C&C meetings.  This will be looked into more.

Karen Lentzin motioned to adjourn the meeting and getting pickled.

The night finished off with the following beers/wines and pickled accompaniment:

Jeff Eaton brought The Chief and a Hard Apple Cider along with pickled beets.
Carl Braun shared his Black IPA.
Brett Hintz brought a Spiced Stout.
Kevin & Karen Lentzen brought a Saison along with pickled cauliflower & pickle flavored pringles.
Tim Pfeister shared his Meisturhaotr Doppelbock (apologies on the spelling), a Semi-Sweet Cherry Wine and a Dry-ish Elderberry Wine.
John Dewane brought his German Rye and a Belgian Farmhouse.
Chuck Tomsovic shared his pickled eggs & sausage.
Mark Schmelling shared his pickled eggs w/ jalapeño’s.
Steve & Janet Wissink brought pickled eggs & sausage.

Thanks everyone for a great night.  See you all on Aug 23!