Our night will begin at 6:30 at O’Marro’s Public House where we can all gather and enjoy a pint (or two) before the meeting begins.

At 7:00ish the meeting will begin with a toast followed by the list of items to discuss and inform.

NOTICE!!!!!  We have many unpaid members!  This is not good.  If you are unaware of your membership status, please contact one of the officers ASAP.  If you are able to arrive early and pay your fees before the meeting starts, even better.  We’d hate to lose those of you who haven’t renewed and we’d love to have you still be a part of the activities the SOB’s are involved in such as Casks & Caskets.  So please, renew as quickly as you can.  Thank you!

And speaking of Casks & Caskets, there will be a quick update on the event and a reminder to all of those who wish to partake in serving their wares to please enter your information on the sign-up sheet.  There’s also talk of some public brew days at members’ homes for any who would like to join in for one last push to get product ready for this great event.

Insurance & Incorporation… what’s there to say about that… not much except that it’s done!  We are now officially insured, which means we can all breathe a little easier now for any of our meetings, gatherings or events.  Yay!!!

Our normally scheduled August meeting was temporarily put on hold so that a picnic could be held at the residence of Steve & Janet.  And last weekend (Sep 13) a few of our members (Jeff, Becky, and Kevin & Karen) served some SOB homebrew on Homebrew Island at Great Lakes Brew Fest.  From the pictures on Facebook it sure looked like a beautiful day for a beer festival.  We’ll hear a little more on these.

Other scheduled and possible events coming down the road besides C&C are: Dublin’s Craft Beer Festival (Sep 20), Mead Day (Oct 18 at the residence of Mike F.), Downtown Oshkosh Chili Cook Off (Oct 25), Apple Crush (Sep 28 at the residence of Mark S.), Fall Brewery Tour, Beer Dinner @ Beckets, Off-Flavor Tasting for beers & wines, and Grain Bulk Buy.

And tentatively planned for Oct, there is in the works a small education/demonstration on Mead!  Possibly with samples… More to follow on that.