As has been mentioned in previous meetings, we will be having our first Club Only Homebrew Competition in Jan.  The first competition will be Porters & Stouts.  If you intend to enter one of your brews please plan on having 6-9 12-oz or 3-4 22-oz bottles to cover, hopefully, all there to judge.

Judging will be based on points.  Except for the Comments section, judging will not be looking for strengths/flaws of the beer but rather your impression of the beer based on the category it was to represent.  This is to keep things moving along and yet, not too simplistic.  The categories and possible points are:

  • Aroma (12 pts)
  • Appearance (3 pts)
  • Flavor (20 pts)
  • Mouthfeel (5 pts)
  • Overall Impression (10 pts)
  • TOTAL 50 pts possible
  • Comments (if you wish)

Even though the 2014 BJCP Guidelines are expected to go into effect at the end of the year we will be still following the 2008 BJCP Guidelines, mainly for the reason that this is what most everyone has been using.  So with that, here are the BJCP Style Guidelines for Porters & Stouts for you to study.  This will help you to be ready when it comes to judging.