Welcome to 2015 homebrewers!

Is it just me, or did 2014 fly by?  I hope all had a great, eventful 2014 and are looking forward to another exciting year of homebrewing for 2015!

We wrapped up 2014 with a great Christmas Party, one of the best I’ve been to.  Big Thanks! to Megan Higgins for putting this event together.  We had a great turnout, lots of food supplied by many and sandwiches from O’Marro’s, plenty of beer, and it sure looked like everyone had a great time.  Why, even Santa paid us a visit.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was from the UP instead of the North Pole.

Then, in a blink of an eye, were in 2015 and we started off the year with a club-only homebrew competition.

January saw club members bring in their Stouts or Porters to be judged by their peers in the first competition of the year.  Those who brought beers for the competition were: Michael Udelhoven with his London Porter, Dennis Knickelbein & Bob Stein with their Russian Imperial Stout,  Steve Mikolajzcak with his American Coffee Stout, Ian House with his 2-yr old Bourbon Barrel Imperial Milk Stout, Chuck Tomsovic with his Foreign Export Stout, Dick Waltenberry with Robust Porter, Travis Sullivan with his Whiskey Barrel Imperial Stout, and Peter Kasprzak with his Imperial Oatmeal Stout.  We had 34 peers judging and by the sound of it, all really enjoyed this event.  For each round, the judges were given about 5 minutes to rate on Aroma, Appearance, Flavor, Mouthfeel and Overall Impression, plus provide comments as they wished.  The scores were tallied and the Top 3 Finishers for this round were: Travis Sullivan, Ian House & Dick Waltenberry!  Congratulations gentlemen, well done!  Also, I’d like to thank Jeff Eaton, Becky Gall & Marge Tomsovic.  Their help in pouring and serving made this event run smoother than expected.  Thank you to all!

Here’s what I’m thinking for the next round(s), please provide feedback.
April: Maibocks & Pilsners
May: Ciders & Perrys
July: Pale Ales & IPA’s
October: Brown Ales, Oktoberfests, Vienna Lagers, Bocks & Doppelbocks
November: Wines & Meads

In between the rounds of judging (while the next was getting prepared), Chuck filled in the gap with some business. These were the Items that were discussed, and you’ll have to forgive me if I got the order wrong… too busy adding up scoresheets.

Ice Brew:  Looks like Feb 28 will be the day for brewing on Lake Winnebago.  We will be gathering at the South Side Ice Yacht Club (1842 S Main St) at 8:00 am.

Oshkosh Beer Dinners:  The final date hasn’t been decided yet (sometime late Feb or maybe early Mar) but the first venue has been chosen.  We will have our first beer dinner in Oshkosh at O’Marro’s Public House.  We’re still working out the menu and costs but would like to know who has beers that they would like to provide for the event.  These could be for serving with the meal or used in the preparation of the meal itself.  If you would like your beers to be a part of this event please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eOhyaPlldf1ozjXTlVWk-xZZQoBEWYMTz1e7oXgKQKo/edit?usp=sharing.  This will give the chef(s) a chance to plan a meal around the beers. Thanks.

Glassware Demo:  Seems Feb will be a busy month.  Linda Lyster & Vivienne Steinke have put together a demonstration on different styles of glassware for beers and would like to present that to the club.  So be prepared for a little education.

Officer Elections:  The meeting ended (mostly) with election of new officers for the positions of President, Member Coordinator, Secretary & Webmaster.  Even though there was a little confusion (don’t worry, there were no loose chads), we made it through the elections and I’m happy to introduce our new officers.  Kyle Clark is our new President; Zach Clark & Ian Wenger are our new Member Coordinators; Bill Schwalbach is our new Secretary; and Michael Udelhoven is our new Webmaster.  Congratulations gentlemen, we look forward to your additions to the club!

Well, that’s it.  This will be my last secretarial email to you all.  It has been fun, and a pleasure, providing you feedback of the clubs activities.  Until next time, Relax… and have a Homebrew.