Society of Oshkosh Brewers February meeting. 

Meeting called to order at 7:01

Ice brew on the the 28th at the Oshkosh South Side Yacht club.  Looking at 8AM-12noon  1842 S. Main St.

Beer dinner is rescheduled for April 27th… Still need 30 people, with max of 35.  Sign up is on the SOB website, and cost needs to be paid in advance.

Club beer competition: April will be Pilsners and Maibocks.

April 1 tasting at Barley and Hops from 7-10pm .  Need people to sign up their beers if they are interested.  Club needs to confirm with Nate that we still have an invite.

There was general discussion on FDL Brewfest.  It was successful and two SOBs took first place: Scott Westphal and Richard Cardenas.

Mark Schmeling is going to host a stone brew the 2nd weekend in May.  We heat up granite rocks and use them for a heat source for brewing. We are looking to do this early in the morning.  Looking to do a ten gallon batch.  Dark malty beers are usually the best for this.

We started an SOB email account so that we can more easily communicate with the membership.  The email address is

New members-1

Big Brew Day is 1st Saturday in May.  Will be at O’marros (need to confirm with Shawn). Theme to be determined.

Chuck brought up a fundraising opportunity. A brew club worked with the local radio station and people voted on the best beer.  It’s something to consider for Casks and Caskets.  Kevin from Fox River Brewing would like to know if we would be interested in a contest and he would be willing to brew the winning beer.  This will be passed onto the Casks committee.  Put on agenda for March meeting to talk about casks and caskets.

Anyone that would like to be part of the Casks and Caskets committee are welcome to help!

33 members in attendance

Glassware presentation given by Vivienne.  We learned about different styles of glasses for drinking different beers, and the effects it has on aroma and flavor. Thanks Vivienne!

Talking about sampling beers in the months between the club competition months.  3 featured beers each month.  Anyone who would like to have the membership try their beer should let a board member know, so we can plan.  Plan on having 6-12 bottles.

Motion to adjourn

Only two home brews to sample tonight, being the dead of winter.
Mike Udelhoven:  Alt Udey Bräu
Jeff Eaton: Scottish Ale