Society of Oshkosh Brewers March Meeting.

Kyle called the meeting to order at 7:01.

May 2nd is the Big Brew Day. Seems to be a lot of interest.  AHA will be featuring 3 recipes on their website, but really, make what you like. Hot Dog Charlie’s will be there again this year.

Winnebago Ice Brew recap: Jeff brewed a Dark Ale, Jody did a Pilsner. Jeff did a city water comparison batch.  It will be great to see the difference! Both thought it was a good experience and thought it would be great to try again next year.

April meeting is going to be the Pilsner and Maibock competition. Please let the board know ahead of time so we can plan. Send an email to if you want to be a part of it. (Richard, if you have information and ballots that you could send me a copy of to print if you aren’t going to be there, that would be great)

May will be another sampling meeting. We tried it this month with 2 samples, and it seemed to go over well as in the past when it was done. As with the competition months, if you can let a board member know ahead of time, we can plan the meeting around it to make it more enjoyable.

Barley and Hops has a beer tasting on April 1, at 7 pm.   Zach and Ian will be serving their brews. If anyone wants to have their beer served, let us know, and we’ll get you in. Two of four spots are spoken for, so two more people can put their beer in.

Brewery tours. We’d like to have a tour of Milwaukee breweries as a start. There is a boat tour that goes to a few different breweries. Some stated that Lakefront is the best tour. Technical tour is special for groups. Costs a bit more for Lakefront, but it’s worth it. $30 for Lakefront, $10 for MKE regular tour is 5 at a time, and we can book a spot up. Bring beers for the bus ride. Approximately $45 a person if we do both and get a bus. There was enough interest to move forward, details to come.

Chilton Beer Fest. We’d like to get a bus, and get tickets ahead of time. We need enough people to fill the bus. It doesn’t have to be SOBs. We just need enough people. Tickets will sell fast, so sign up soon.

Steve would like to buy 40 tickets ahead of time, and first come first serve. $55 a person would include subs and water on the way home.  $40 of the total $55 is the cost for a ticket. Bus will depart and return to Dublin’s, with or without you. Dublin’s will open at 10:30 for anyone wanting an eye opener. Bus leaving at 11:30. Beer fest is 1-6 pm Sunday, May 17th. Steve will send out a flyer. We needed a motion to buy the tickets at $40 a piece. If the club can’t fill them, we’ll ask whomever.  Motion was made and seconded to buy bus and tickets.  Motion was carried on an unanimous vote.  Separate email on this to follow shortly.

Appleton Ale Fest is Saturday, June 27th. They are looking for up to 4 SOB’s to help pour and bring beer. Will find out about more than 4 people. Let Jeff Eaton know if you want to be in on it.

World of Beer Festival in Milwaukee on June 6th. They are looking for 4 samples, each a 5 gallon keg. This is one of the bigger events in the state.

Beer Dinner Revised. After discussion with Shawn of O’marro’s, Richard and the club, it was decided that April 27th won’t work for the beer dinner. We also didn’t have enough participants. Shawn suggested we go with a different venue for the first one, and then come back to O’marro’s at a later time.  Zach offered to host us at Dublin’s. There is no minimum number of people that need to come to keep the price.  So here are the details:
Tuesday, April 28th 6PM
Dublin’s Irish Pub
$25 per person, paid no later than April 18th
It will be a 5-6 course meal, depending on how many beers we have(currently have 5).  If you are going to supply a beer, they need a sample by the end of March to figure out what to put with it.  Zach’s email is
There is a max of 36 people, and as of Wed., we had quite a few now signed up, so if you want to be part of this, sign up soon!

July meeting:  We are going to have the July meeting at Fox River Brewery, as approved by the club at the meeting. We were approached by Kevin about having a meeting at his brewpub. I talked with Kevin, and they are happy to have us. They will set us up in the field house in the back so we have a nice view too. Kevin is going to give a tour of his brew house to anyone that would like, and he is also going to give a demonstation/talk on the different grains that he uses for different beers. I’ll send out a reminder at the end of the minutes each month so no one forgets, since it’s a change from usual.

We are hoping to have a picnic this year. Ted Engelke would like to serve his BBQ at the picnic, and the club was happy to oblige. Cost will be figured out closer to an event.

The topic of having a Farmers Market booth was brought up. Since the Casks and Caskets committee hasn’t met yet, this was tabled until April.

Meeting was adjourned so we could enjoy some beer. I don’t have the list of beers that were brought, since I left early.

Upcoming meeting dates:
April 15
May 20
June 17
July 15 (At Fox River Brewing)

See you all in April!

Bill Schwalbach