Society of Oshkosh Brewers April Meeting

Club Competition
No one brought Pilsners or Maibocks, so there was no competition this month.  The May meeting will be our next club competition and will feature Ciders & Perries.  June is a planned sampling month, so if you have anything you want to receive feedback on during the meeting, bring 6-8 bottles and notify a board member.

New Faces
Cullen Dunn introduced himself and his father.  Cullen is Kevin’s newest assistant brewer at Fox River Brewing.  We wish him great success in helping FRB grow!

SOB’s Latest Shenanigans
Barley and Hops tasting was held on April 1st. Jeff, Zach, Ian, Michael and Krystal served their beers at Barley and Hops.  It was a good night, but a fairly thin crowd.  This was the last tasting of the season and will likely pick up again in October.

Upcoming Events

  • SOB Beer Dinner at Dublin’s scheduled for April 28th.  Sold 26 tickets so far-max of 38.  Tickets are $25.  Get one before they’re gone!
  • Big Brew Day is May 2nd and will be held in O’Marro’s parking lot.  Everyone is welcome, whether you want to brew something or not.  Hot Dog Charlie will be there offering lunch.
  • Chilton Beer Fest is May 17th at the Calumet County Fairgrounds.  The club is sponsoring a bus to Chilton.  The bus will be leaving from Dublin’s at 11:30 AM.  Cost is $55 which includes a ticket to the Beer Fest, the bus ride, as well as a sub sandwich on the way home.  There are 23 tickets left. We may make a pick-up stop in FDL if there are enough people there that want to do this.  We’ll email a poster to Cullen that he can put up in FDL.  Bus leaves Chilton at 6:30 PM.  Zach mentioned doing a breakfast at Dublin’s if there was enough interest although prior years of doughnuts on the bus worked out pretty well.
  • Milwaukee brewery trip is being planned which will include tours of Lakefront and MKE on May 30th.  Bus will leave about 9:30 AM from Dublin’s.  Lakefront tour first, lunch at Horny Goat, then MKE tour in the afternoon.  Maybe stop at a couple bars or liquor stores on the way home.  There is a new distillery next to Lakefront and MKE; are we interested in stopping?  We will leave flexibility in the schedule, and work it out.  We need at least 20 people to commit to get the cost to what we planned.  Bus will hold 42 people max.  We need paid commitments by May 2nd (Big Brew Day).  $40 if we have 20 people.  Bus cost will be lower if there are more than 42 people, but will have to split up into two tour groups.  Again, needs to be paid upfront to Jeff Eaton as he is organizing the trip. 
  • World of Beer Festival being hosted by the Beer Barons of Milwaukee is being held on June 6th.  We have enough people with beer committed that we will send a group.
  • Appleton Ale Fest is June 27th.  They are looking for people who want to bring or serve their beer.  There was enough people to commit, so we will go forward.  Looking into what the limit is for brews.
  • Brews ‘n Blues is scheduled for July 25th.  This year marks the 20th year!  Andrew Sulewski introduced himself from Jaycees.  The Jaycees are short on members willing to help plan the event, but they’re gonna make it happen.  Kevin is helping with beer.  Jaycees is working on sponsors.  It was brought up that it’s the same weekend as EAA.  This could benefit Brews ‘n Blues since there will be hotels full of people looking to get out.  We are looking for members to step up and help the Jaycees.  SOB’s will be a small part and we want to stay low key.  If you would like to be a part of the Brews ‘n Blues team, please contact Andrew to see how you can help at
  • Annual SOB Picnic will be held during our August meeting at Shelter 2 at Menominee Park.  Ted wants to do a pig roast and will need a count ahead of time.  Members are urged to bring a dish to pass.  Club will pay for the meat and have already paid for the shelter reservation.  Reminder that the August meeting is on the 19th (3rd Wednesday as normal), but the starting time of the picnic will be discussed at a future time.
  • Casks and Caskets latest update was given by Mike Engel.  The committee is looking into different options including a different venue.  The Waters is a possibility and has offered to waive the venue fee.  The Waters doesn’t hold as many people as the Convention Center though.   If we do it, it will be a free admission event.  We will have to allow anyone who wants in assuming they’re at least 21 years of age.  More to be discussed.

Ice Brrrew 2015 Sampling
Jeff brought his Lake Brew to sample, along with his city (Neenah) water version.  Both were made using Traditional Dark extract and Kent Golding hops.  It was interesting to try both and compare.  Some liked the city version better and a lot liked the Lake version better.  Great job, Jeff!

The board is trying to bring back the Brewsletter and we want your input.  We heard some great suggestions at the meeting that included recipes, upcoming events, accomplishments of other brew clubs, new places opening up and items for sale.  We’d also like to perhaps see printed versions to hand out at events the SOB’s attend.

Reminder that the July meeting will be held at Fratello’s Field House and the August meeting at Shelter 2 in Menominee Park.