Below are the minutes from the meeting of January 20, 2016:

Elections: Tonight we held our elections for three positions.

  • Event Coordinator.  Jeff and Becky stepped up to do it again.  Vote by acclimation for them to take the position.
  • Treasurer.  Zach Clark was the only nomination, and he graciously accepted.  He was also voted in by acclimation.
  • Web Developer.  This position remains open, as no one wanted to do it.  If you decide to give it a try, let someone know.  Jody and Udey have offered to help get you settled in.

Survey:  We are going to send out a survey soon.  What it will be asking is what you like about the club, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see us do more or less of, etc.  If there is a question you think would be relevant, please send it to me, and we will try to add it in.  Gmail has very strong spam blockers even for the senders, so it may come from me directly rather than the SOB’s e-mail.  Stay tuned!

FDL Brewfest is Feb. 6th:  Tickets are $45 and $75 (VIP).  You can purchase tickets at  The SOB’s will have 6 representatives.  There are quite a few homebrew clubs that are new to the brewfest this year, so it should be a great time!

Midwinter Homebrew Competition: The website to register is  It is sponsored by the Milwaukee Beer Barons.  The limit is 850 entries, so don’t delay!

Lion’s Tail Homebrew Competition:  The deadline is Jan 31st, and its free to enter!  This competition will be based more on drinkability rather than BJCP guidelines.   There are a lot of great homebrewers in our club, so hopefully we will see some entries from the SOB’s.

Bago Brrrew:  Looking to see about doing a brew day on frozen Lake Winnebago again.  Look for information on this soon, once we get together and decide when we can do it and if we can do it without a boat!

Brew Your Own Magazine: We can get them for $16.50 per subscription because we’re a homebrew club.  This is good for new subscriptions and renewals.  Deadline is May 27th.

Off Flavor Tasting Education:  Business having concluded, we began the off flavor testing.  We did 6 of them this month, the “milder” ones, as our tasting leader Chris Mills told us.  We learned the causes of buttery flavor (Diacetyl), apple flavor (Acetaldehyde), licorice flavor (Ethyl Hexanoate), cardboard (Papery), cooked corn flavor (Dimethyl Sulfides), and solvent tasting (Ethyl Acetate).  These were very informative, and incredibly helpful in learning what not to do to cause this.  It’s interesting to note that a certain off flavor is accepted in American lights such as Bud and Miller.  See if you can guess which one!  Thank you to Chris for running this.  Next month, we will tackle the other six off flavors, the not so mild ones…

Until next month, Prost!