At our meeting in February, we had the second half of our Off-flavor tasting. From the response of the membership, we will continue to try to do tasting setups. Business attended to beforehand is the following

Elections: There was no Web Developer nominees, so by vote of members, I(Bill S.), will become the web developer and Karly Schwalbach will take over duties of secretary, as of the sending of this last email. Go easy on her!
We had two members rejoin, and one new member join our group. Welcome back, Megan and Mike! We missed your faces.
Welcome Mitch Hurlbut. Mitch is interested in learning the fine tuning aspects of brewing. He typically like dark ales, and likes to make ciders and wines as well. If you see him around, introduce yourself. Look for the guy with the luxuriant mustache!
Brew your own magazine reminder: You can use the club membership to get a discount on Brew your own magazine. This will last until may. The March meeting is going to be at Bare Bones Brewery. We are going to take another off-site excursion in March, to Dan’s Bare Bones Brewery. Dan will hopefully give us a tour of the inner working of his brewery, and tell us all about it! He put staff on early for us, so if you want to come early for some extra social time, he’s ready for us! We’ll send out a reminder in March.

Titletown open. They are looking to get more clubs involved. Tim Pfiester will assist you in getting your brew entered if you need help.

Lake Brew: March 12th at 9AM at the Southside yacht club. Bring a table on its side or something you can use to block the wind. Mike S. suggested a Hollowed out cheap tin garbage can.

Survey is out. You should have gotten the invite from survey monkey. Please take the time to fill it out. Good or bad, it will help us to make the club what the members want it to be. The board will discuss the results, and we will share in March what everyone is thinking.

March 19 is the St Patricks Day Parade. The club is going to do a float or something, and have people walk. Contact Lee R. if you want to be part. Drinking beer while walking down the middle of the street while dressed up as a leprechaun? Sign me up!

Lee’s email is
FDL brewfest: Karly of the SOBs was the winner. SOBs are invited to come to the brew day at Fox River Brewing to help brew and learn about Kevin’s system. We will update you as to when this is going to happen.Wisconsin brewers guild: If you join the Brewers Guild, you get discounts at breweries all over the state. The cost to join is $30. Locally, a membership will get you a free premium Mug Club Membership at Fox River Brewing. The cost of that is 35, so you already are ahead. The Mug Club membership has an 80 dollar value, so it’s a good deal if you’re a Guild member!

Casks and Caskets: cost is getting to a point where we don’t feel it is worth the effort. The committee is going to try to come to a final decision soon, but it’s looking more like we’re going to have to put it off until the laws change. Stay tuned.

Tim P. is selling fresh hops, vacuum sealed. $5 a pack. Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook.
Meeting business adjourned, we went into the off flavor tasting. Among the tastes, we had spicy, which wasn’t horrible, to sweaty sock cheesy, which was really horrible. A lot couldn’t get past the scent to actually see what it tasted like. The lesson of the cheese-use good, fresh hops!Members brews:
Bill S: cascade smash
Jeff E. Chinook Smash and coffee stout
Jody C English brown
Steve W English Brown Ale
Tim P RIS on cherries, oak, and bourbon
John D: Belgian Dubbel