Meeting minutes


2/3 of club filled out survey

A couple of thoughts from the survey that you’d like to see:

More detailed calendar

More tasting during the meeting, and more education

Board would like to do grain buy, and do beer tasting. We would like to do a brew on big brew day in May with everyone using the same grain. Then we want to change hops, then yeasts etc. to promote sharing, we’d like to buy the grain, and have people make each beer and then try each beer to see the differences. Briess has a “full pint”, maris otter and 2 row hybrid that was recommended to try. And we’d like to try some different hops that we don’t see very often.

Chilton brew fest

We have a bus. 277 for bus. We currently have 30 people signed up. The bus can hold 46, so seats are filling up fast. Get the money to Jeff Eaton very soon if you still want on. We can buy the tickets too if we have the money by march 31st. May 22nd is the date of the festival

Anyone that is growing hops, Tim P has a rope supplier that he can hook us up with.

After that, we listened to Dan D tell us about bare bones brewery. They have some beers available at festival. He introduced us to RJ Nordlund, his new brewmaster. We took a tour of the brewery, and they answered questions about where the brewery is headed, and where RJ would like to take it. RJ likes to play with different hops, and hopes to make some fantastic Pale Ales. They should be bottling on their new system as of the writing of this. Hopefully, we’ll see more Bare Bones beer out soon!