Jeff brought two samplings of his Chocolate Bunny to try.  Both were gluten removed beers, and the only difference was in the yeast.  One used 05 and the other was Nottingham.  It made a surprising difference.  By informal show of hands, the Nottingham version was best liked, and Jeff got some good feedback on his brew.  We’d like to do more of this in future meetings, so if you’ve got some you’d like feedback on, by all means bring it!

Calumet Brew Fest:  The bus is “full”, though we could probably squeeze in a straggler or two, if they already have their tickets.  At last check, the brewfest was nearly sold out, so if you are looking to go, you best get your tickets very soon!

The Door County Homebrew Competition is on May 21st.  The deadline for entries is May 13th.  The entry fee is $7.

We discussed the idea of having meetings at various local breweries on a quarterly or biannually basis.  The general consensus what that we can do it, but keep the locations close.  We are looking to have the June Meeting at Lion’s Tail in Neenah.  They would like to do an informational meeting on water chemistry if we come there.  Most of us felt this was our limit as to how far we wanted to go.  We’ll make a final decision in May if we want to do this.  Stay tuned!

Big Brew Day:  May 7th is Big Brew Day.  We did a grain buy of 50lbs of 2 row.  We are going to split it four ways and have 4 SMASH beers made using same grain, same yeast, but each brewer adding their own hops.  It’s first come, first served on the grain, so let Jeff E know if you want to brew the SMASH.  Of course, if you want to brew something else, that’s great too!  We are looking to sample these 4 or more beers at the July Meeting.

Brewmaster for a day: Fox River Brewing is going to be brewing the winning beer from FDL Brewfest on May 14th.  If you’d like to get hands on with a larger brew system, and be part of the brew, we will meet around 9AM at the brewery in Oshkosh with Kevin Bowen.  All SOBs are invited to participate.

There is  going to be a bulk honey buy for anyone interested.  Orange Blossom Honey will be 2.75/lb if bought in bulk.

With this, we adjourned and enjoyed some homebrewed beers and meads and various refreshments from O’Marros.  See you all in May!


**Jim Boda, your email address needs updating!  Thanks**