May 18th marks the 300th Meeting of the SOBs! Here’s a toast to 300 more!

Our nights started with discussion about the June meeting. We are going to have it at Lion’s Tail Brewing in Neenah. We were requested to have the meeting on Tuesday this month, rather the the usual wednesday. Alex Wenzel is going to teach us about water chemistry and how important it is to making a great beer! The members gave the go ahead for this unusual adventure. So the June meeting will be on TUESDAY, JUNE 14TH, AT LIONS TAIL BREWING!
The address for GPS users is 116 S. Commercial St. Neenah, WI.
For those that don’t use a GPS, Take the Winneconne Ave exit in Neenah, go right to head into town. When you get to Commercial St, take a left(theres a walgreens on the corner). Lions Tail is about 1/4 mile up on your right side, IMMEDIATELY past the clock tower. Otherwise, Bowen St is County A, which turns into Commerical St. So you can just take Bowen all the way from Oshkosh.

We had a quick reminder of the upcoming Chilton Beerfest, which was held on May 22. We hope to see if the attendees can piece together their fuzzy memories and give us a recap in June.

Big Brew Day was held on Sat, May 7th. Jeff Eaton and Kyle and Kurt Clark brewed using the same two-row malt but with a different hop. Bill Schwalbach and Mike Engel made the other two SMASH brews after the event. Our 4 hops were Sarachi Ace, Hallertau, Citra, and Apollo. We will sample and discuss these beers at our June meeting. It should be an interesting experience and a good learning opportunity!

Our August Meeting is our annual picnic. The plan is to have it at the same shelter at Menominee Park. It seemed to work well, and the people that attended were very pleased with the facilities. Stay tuned for more details!

Still just $20 for the annual membership. Can’t go wrong for that price! If you can’t make the meeting, get the dues to Zack Clark.

At that, we started some heavy sampling. There were plenty of brews to enjoy tonight. In honor of craft beer week, we sampled 5 local brewery’s wares, as well as some of our own.
Jeff Eaton and Travis Sullivan both brought a Saison.
Zach and Ian brought samples of various beers they wanted some feedback on.

Our craft beers sampled were:
Fox River Brewing: Marble Eye Scottish Ale(6.2 ABV, 17 IBU)

Bare Bones: Amber Ale(6.0 ABV, 28 IBU)

Lion’s Tail Brewing: Austrailian Sparkling Ale(5.5 ABV, 30 IBU)

Appleton Beer Factory: EhPEh Pale Ale(5.0 ABV)

Stone Arch Brewing: ESB(6.0ABV)