We started our meeting by talking with Alex, the brewmaster at Lion’s Tail Brewing. He gave us a presentation on water chemistry. Alex believes that water chemistry and Ph are the single most important aspect of what makes a good beer, the leap from a good homebrew to a professional beer, so to speak. He gave us some handouts on various city water supplies in the area. Even the best waters still need to have acid added to get the ph down to the 5.0-5.5 range, including the bottled water some of us use at the store. He recommends not using the paper strips, and instead invest in a decent ph meter.

He talked a little about his brewery. He has 11 taps, and eventual goal is to fill all 11 with Lion’s Tail beer. There is currently 6 of their own on tap. That’s a pretty good start for a brewery that has only been open half a year! Their signature beer is the Kula Wheat, which is a wheat ale with fresh pineapples added. It’s quite a tasty beer! Others include Quicksand Stout, Innkeepers Daughter(Austrailian Sparkling Ale), and a Custom Pale Ale, where you get a pale ale, but you choose the final aroma hop. It’s a great way to experience different hop aromas. They’ll even give you a second beer to drink while you wait for the hops to steep!

Being a busy meeting with Lion’s Tail, there wasn’t much business. First and foremost, if you haven’t paid your dues yet, be sure to send them to Zach, or bring them to the July meeting.

We discussed the August meeting/picnic. Here are the details we’ve hashed out so far:
It will be on the regular meeting day, so August 17th. Ted Engelke is again going to provide the pork for us, paid for by the club. The club will also supply the buns and potato salad as we did last year. What we need from the guests is another dish to pass, a side dish, something to munch on before, or a dessert. And beer! It wouldn’t be a meeting of SOBs without beer! What we don’t know for certain yet are a time, and which actual shelter we will be using. This should be known by the July Meeting. A signup has been sent out. It will be sent out occasionally between now and the first week of August. Please sign up if you are coming so we have a count.

Bare Bones asked if we are interesting in collaborating with them on a harvest brew this fall. There will be more details upcoming, but there was good interest to do it! Stay tuned.

We sampled our SMASH brews that were made using 2-row and 4 different hops, and by chance, 4 different brew methods. Kyle made a Hallertau smash using BIAB. Bill made an Apollo smash using a batch sparge. Jeff made a Ace Serachi smash using fly sparge, and Mike E. made a Simcoe smash using the grainfather. We sampled them from the lightest hop profile to the strongest, and received a handout on the recipe and boil times for each brew.
Our next sample brew will likely be a single hop, but the brewer chooses the grain.

So that was our June meeting. We had a lot of information to take in, and plenty of beer to drink. July is looking to be a hot one, so let’s all meeting in July for some cool refreshments. Cheers!