26 of us, including 2 new members, gathered at O’Marros Public house for our July meeting.  There was more beer than business, so we go that done first.

First, we had our new members introduce themselves.  Ted Mulvey has been brewing for quite a few years now.  He’s hoping to learn more about the craft and make some new friends.  He introduced his friend Erin to brewing.

Erin Macarthur is a new mom looking for a hobby.  Ted introduced her to brewing, and she has a couple of brews under her belt.  They decided to join the club together. We welcome both of you to the club!

We finalized the details of our August Picnic.  Here are the details:

We are going to meet at Shelter 1 at Menominee Park.  This is the older, larger of the two shelters on the main road.  It’s on your right side as you’re driving though, before you reach the train station.  We are going to meet at 6:30.  Ted Engelke is once again going to bring the meat.  The club is going to bring potato salad and buns.  We need each of you attending to bring a dish to pass and a brew if you like.  The sign up sheet will be sent out shortly.  We need a final count by the end of the month, so please sign up if you haven’t already.

Our next club brew is going to be focused on different grains.  After discussion, what we agreed on was that we would use Cascade hops, and Safale 05 yeast.  The grain bill will be whatever the brewer decides to use.  Bring your receipt for the brew to Zach, and he will reimburse you for the hops, the yeast, and half the grain cost.  For some continuity, please aim for the following guidelines: 20 IBU since it will be grain focused, 1.040-1.060 range for SG, and try to use no more than three or four grains.  We will sample the brews in September.  We are going to limit the brewers to 6, so send us an email if you want to brew one.  We already have a couple, so don’t delay on responding, realsobs@gmail.com

Ruby Owl would be interested in hosting us for our November meeting.  There was some discussion about whether the facility was appropriate for a meeting, so more will be looked into and we will discuss at September meeting.  Each of us will have to go check it out, have a beer, and see what we think.  Oh, the hardships!

RJ at Bare Bones Brewery would like to do a brew outside one day in September.  He will know the date soon, and we will relay it.  He’s getting some fresh hops, and will do a brew on his system and we can bring our equipment and do a brew on ours.  Think Big Brew Day, except at Bare Bones, while he brews on his larger system, and while we drink plenty of BB beer!  We will get out more details as we know more, but keep the idea in your head.


With that, we started sampling brews!  We had some commercial brews as calibrators, Wittekerke, Hoegaarden, and Hacker Pschorr.  We then sampled two of Jeff Eaton’s wheats.  The first was a wit, the second one was a Weisse.  He used the same grain bill, and same hops, but two different yeasts.  Two very different beers resulted.  Jeff showed us how changing just one thing can make such a big difference.  The results were both very tasty!  The wit was clean, and had the coriander taste you’d expect from a Wit.  The Weisse was well in tune with the style, with bubble gum and banana hints.  They were both fantastic beers for our Wheat focus.

The meeting finished, we sampled some more homebrews and socialized!  Lee brought a Kazbek Cream Ale.  Brian Schneider brought a porter and a saison.  Our newest member Erin brought a Citra hopped Pale Ale.

See you all at the picnic in August!