Big Brew Day is exactly what it sounds like!  It’s a day where homebrewers come together to do what we love best, brewing beer!  It is held on the first Saturday in May, which in 2017 is May 6th.  This year, we will be holding it at The Cellar, Oshkosh’s very own homebrew shop, located at 1921 S Washburn St.  Dave Koepke, the owner of The Cellar, will be offering Big Brew Day Specials.  If you are curious about homebrewing, and want to see how it’s done without the commitment to equipment, this is the event for you.  Come sample some homebrew, and meet some of the SOBs.  Learn about the different ways of making different brews, from extract kits, to great homemade setups for all-grain, to custom designed ordered equipment.  This is what homebrewing is about, and where you can find out everything you need to know about the hobby!