Every year, on the first weekend of February, the Fond du Lac Brewfest happens at the FDL County fairgrounds.  The SOBs usually send half a dozen or more attendees to serve our wares.  If you are a club member who is bringing something to share, your admission to the event is waived.  Each year, there is a theme for the Homebrew Alley.  The 2017 theme was Hawaiian.  There is a winner picked from among the most voted for beers, and that beer is brewed by a state brewery.  The SOB’s have been quite strong at this event, winning a number of the past events.  The 2017 winner was SOB Travis Sullivan with his Assassin Amber Old Fashioned Ale.  This will be brewed by Pigeon River Brewing sometime this year.  Details will be on the Calendar once a date is decided.