May 17, 2017
The SOB’s gathered at O’Marro’s Public House, which is rumored to be the source of U2’s ‘Sweetest Thing’.
New Faces
At this meeting we had the fortune of meeting a few new faces. There was Jeremy, who has been homebrewing for about a year, and has not only a whiskey barrel stout being aged on Peddleton whisky and oak chips, but an amber ale as well as some cherry bounce. And there was also Jesse, who was invited by Zach who was here at his second meeting. Great to have you all at the meeting!
Signup Sheets At this Month’s Meeting:
As we had a number of events coming up, it was necessary to discuss a few of the signup sheets that were being passed around at the meeting. They included:
• Casks and Caskets to help and/or bring beer.
• Brewing Education – what do you want to see? Would you host anything?
Treasurer’s Report
Zach forgot the bank bag at home so there wasn’t a full report this month. Dues are coming up next month, and Zach will send out a reminder to everyone next week. The options are to send dues to Zach or bring them to June’s meeting. It was also noted that family members can join for half-cost. The intent there is for people whose significant others don’t attend everything, but do come and contribute from time to time. Zach also reported that he will be making up membership cards again, and Mike has confirmed that Dave at the Cellar will give S.O.B.’s a 5% discount if members show their cards. Jeff did note that most homebrew shops will offer discounts to homebrew clubs if they can prove it – now we can. Note – memberships run from June to June and will be prorated based on the month they join.
1st Beer Sampled
Richard Cardenas – Irish Red (3rd take), with Carapils 40 to get the red hue up. Richard thinks it has too much roast character so will be taking another crack at this in the future. Northern Brewer and East Kent Golding hops. Overall, a very fine beer. A fine beer indeed!
Big Brew Day
Recap – occurred on May 6th and the SOB’s had 10 brewpots going. If you weren’t there you missed Ian and Zach’s super big brewing system with a refrigeration unit on a trailer!!! The event was held at the Cellar Homebrew Shop, and owner Dave Koepke indicated that he’s in again for next year. Dick Waltenberry drove up Friday evening with the giant RV – a great wind block on what turned out to be a windy day. Dick noted that there were an awful lot of people who went into the “novelty” shop next door at very late hours Friday night….
Beer Week
It was beer week in the Fox Valley. The Source Public House, just east of Appleton, was to be hosting Central Waters, who promised to bring some things they haven’t served before, or things that may be hard to get. As part of beer week, there were also rumors that a yuuuuuge inflatable Irish Pub with a Reggae band will be at Lion’s Tail. I’m not really sure how those two go together, but you know what? ‘Murica.
Casks and Caskets
This will be held on November 4th at the Hilton Garden Inn in Oshkosh. We need to know how many free tickets to create, which is a direct correlation to how much beer we’ll have. That is why it is important for people to sign up early. Any style of beer, wine, mead is being asked – each member 10 gal. Will open this up to the FDL and Appleton clubs.
2nd Beer Sampled
Brian Schnieder – based on an Elk’s Head cream ale with Safeale 05. There was a little bit of Belgian-y flavor with a bit if bubblegum. It was a touch sweet, so the thought was that perhaps it had not fermented all the way. Brian says it was a 1.066 OG, and bottled at 1.010. He used Pilsen light DME, and steeped with Carapils and flaked corn. The general consensus though was that people liked it, and would just rename it to a saison and call it good.
Club Only Competition
At the July meeting we’ll have our club only competition. RJ from Bare Bones, Kevin from Fox River, Alex from Lion’s Tale, and Alex from Stone Arch will be there to judge. Will do 2 separate competitions for each beer entered. One will be judged based on the club membership, and one judged by the professional brewers. To that end, please make sure to bring a minimum of 48oz for judging. There were just over 10 persons who were interested. Please note: we will limit the competition to 1 entry per member to avoid palette fatigue.
3rd Beer Sampled
Jeff Eaton – Scotch ale that soured in the keg, and then sat for one year in the bottle. It definitely did not turn out like intended. Was a starter batch for a bourbon barrel wee heavy….but something…..some……thing…..happened. Jeff thinks it may have been due to sanitation. Well, in any case, just rename this baby to a sour brown and call it good. Cause that’s what we do, baby!!
1st Wine Sampled
Al brought in a dandelion wine. O.G. 1.095 … didn’t get a F.G. (he thinks it may be because this stuff dissolved his hydrometer). It’s a 2015 vintage which per the experts was a good year for the dandelion crop. Al just started picking dandelions until he got tired of picking them so he doesn’t recall exactly how many were used. It was smoother than everyone thought and turned out quite good.
NHC Report
Nothing new to report. Ian noted he will send an email out to everyone who has signed up. Do remember, if you have beer you can give it to Zach and Ian to serve at the event, even if you can’t make it.
SOB Merchandise
Jeff is working on coming up with samples (hoodie sweatshirt, hat, work-shirt, stickers). Al suggested S.O.B. rompers. Only if you model them for our brochure Al.
Sours and Wilds
• Anderson Valley – Kettle Soured Gose. Uses Lactobacsomethingoranother. This style originated in Germany and used coriander and salt. This one was brewed with watermelon juice.
• New Glarus – Oud Bruin 2016. Kinda like a Flanders Brown. Brewed in foeders and blended with Dan Carey’s proprietary goodness with a coolship. Now, if we’re going to talk about coolships, has anyone ever seen the Star of India?
• New Glarus – Enigma. Flanders Red. A mystery wrapped in yeast.
• Upland – Revive. This one is a little hard to describe but says it is a fruited sour. Brewed with pineapple.
• Unita – Hopscursion Brett IPA. Tasted like hops and horse blankets.
Future Bus Trips/Tours
Jeff Eaton – getting to be enough breweries in the Fox Valley, considering a bus tour around town. Also looking at 3 Sheeps or Calumet Brewing. More information pending future meetings. If anyone has ideas, let a board member know.
Next Month’s Meeting
We will meet at Rushford Winery in Omro and will discuss ciders and meads. Shane from Rushford will talk about this and give us a tour.
S.O.B. merch for sale here. Have a swap meet going on with things for sale.
Al moved we adjourned and Kyle seconded. We adjourned.