July 19, 2017

The SOB’s gathered at The Cellar Homebrew Shop, the top hop shop for which to stop. Dave offered some nice discounts for us and also provided several beers on tap for us to have! Thanks Dave!!!

New Faces

At this meeting we had a new face: Jeff Sadling – a brewing assistant helping Alex at Lion’s Tail in Neenah.

Treasurer’s Report

Zach gave us the treasurer’s report for club and for Casks & Caskets fund.  Note – dues were due in June, pay up you deadbeats!!

Sign Up Sheets

We have a Casks & Caskets signup sheet here today, as well as a signup sheet for our annual August picnic (Shelter 2 at Menominee Park). SOB’s supplying meat, buns, and root beer. Will have games for kids and Hammerschlagen!!!

Hop Picking / Camping

Good date for owner is August 26th. It’s an 80-acre tree and hop farm with 9 varieties of hops. We can go and pick hops, picnic and then camp.

Club Only Contest!!!!

We have 13 entries today of various styles. Stewards for tonight are Bill, Jeff, Mike, Zach, and Moriah. Alex from Stone Arch, Kevin Bowen from Fox River, Alex Wenzel from Lion’s Tail, and TJ Nordlund from Bare Bones are the judges from the breweries. The premise being that all members will judge all beers, and separately all beers will be judged by the professional judges. The winners were Joel Couillard with his Baltic Porter in third, Dick Waltenberry with his ESB in second place and Kurt Weina in first with his Weissbier. 2nd and 3rd place received a medal and $25 gift certificate from The Cellar and first place received a $50 gift certificate and a traveling stainless steel growler trophy with 2 stainless steel cups. Thanks to all participants, judges, and The Cellar for hosting the event!

1. Belgian Witbier – 24A
2. Best Bitter – 11B
3. American Wheat – 1D
4. Weissbier – 10A
5. Baltic Porter – 9C
6. American Porter – 20A
7. Irish Red – 15A
8. Specialty IPA – 21B
9. Czech Dark Lager – 3D
10. Belgian Dark Strong – 26D
11. Belgian Witbier – 24A
12. Wood Aged – 33A
13. Spiced Cider – C2E