December 20, 2017
The SOB’s gathered at O’Marro’s Public House, where visions of hops and malted barley danced in our heads, and Santa knows that everyone here is on the naughty list.

New Members
We had no new members present tonight.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer was not here this evening so no new report.

1st Beer Sampled
Kurt W – Christmas Spiced Ale. An 8.1% brown ale spiced brewed in November that included clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The spices really popped on this one after it warmed up. Kurt used Mt Hood hops for bittering and Saaz for aroma.

Christmas Party Overview
Email blast about the Christmas party was sent out during the week. Party will be on Sunday, January 21st from 4-8pm at 5th Ward Brewing. We’ll do a gift exchanger (keep it ~ $10), and while the club will provide the meat it would be great for everyone to bring a dish to pass. Spouses and significant others are welcome.

2nd Beer Sampled
John Dewayne – Mild Ale fermented with Trappist Ale yeast (Wyeast 3787). Grain bill was about 75% Maris Otter along with mild, Crystal 60 and 120 malts. A dash of Hallertau hops were used as well.

Julie was not here, but a few members expressed interest yet in signing up. First one is January 6th, from 11am-1pm, and costs $10/session. Contact The Cellar Homebrew Shop for dates and details (www.

Hops and the Such
Kyle Clark suggested that next year we work with a local brewer to create a base beer and then all use the same yeast and a particular variety of hops to try out different ways to make a beer with it. Kevin Jelic noted that Three Sheeps did this with a few local brew clubs (including the Fond du Lac club) a few years back where they donated the wort. There seemed to be a moderate amount of interest in doing this.

1st Wine Sampled
Jeff Eaton – An apple wine that had a skosh of spices. The plan was to then mull this with additional spices, warm it up, and compare it, which we did later on in the meeting.

Fond du Lac Brewfest
February 3rd from 3-7:30pm. Signup was in the back of the room. Keven Jelic provided the spiel in all his purple-bearded glory. The theme is 60’s / hippie, but please keep in mind that Wisconsin is not Colorado people…… Also, Janis Joplin will not be there. However there will be 19 different homebrew clubs and let’s face it, Janis Joplin never made you any beer did she?? Now, the best beer there, as voted on by the attendees, will be brewed at Vintage Brewery in Madison.

Nominations for 2018 Board
This year we have the following positions up for election: Web Coordinator, Event Coordinator(s), Treasurer. Jeff and Becky said they will not do it again ; ). Note: Treasurer needs to also keep the rosters as well as collecting money and paying club bills. Also note: Because nobody wants to ever volunteer, the members of the board will be reaching out to persons whom they believe would be well suited for the open positions.

3rd Beer Sampled
Carry and Carter – Butter Beer – (which was at Casks and Caskets). This beer had molasses, vanilla, cinnamon, butterscotch, and then dark rum at bottling. Inspiration came from the Harry Potter series but the recipe was more or less their own. Came in somewhere between 0.1 and 100% alcohol.

Winter Beer Fest at Bare Bones
The event will be on January 13th. Haven’t heard anything from the membership about manning a booth, so it was asked again and the general consensus was that this would be not a very fun thing to participate in, given it will be outdoors in the middle of a cruel Wisconsin winter. Nonetheless, the event will be $40 a person. At that point, Travis Sullivan and Jeff Eaton said they were going, so Dilly Dilly to them!! Mike Engel noted that the Michigan Beer Winterfest is quite popular and everyone should quit being such sissies. Actually, he didn’t say that at all, but the notes were getting a little dry so I wanted to spice things up. Did you see what I did there? Cause we’re talking spice beers this month. No? **crickets** Tough crowd tonight.

1st Mead Sampled
Richard Cardenas – Valhalla – 2 years start to finish, oaked and made with orange blossom honey, 17 percent alcohol, but one thousand percent awesome.

Camping Beer Walk at Lake Arrowhead Campground
Lake Arrowhead is about one hour southwest of this very location near Montello. The owner has contacted brewclubs in the state about an event called “brewcamp” they do the first weekend of June (6/2/18). They are hoping brewclubs will begin partnering with them as they want to do something called a ‘Beer Walk’ (think cakewalk but with beer).

Spiced Imbibement
Samuel Adams Winter Lager (Wheat Bock with Warming Spices) – didn’t really get any spices per se from this. Or wheat. Or actually anything other than a medium dark lager. I heard someone say it tastes like a regular Sam Adams but with a Christmas tree on the label.
5th Ward Burl Brown (Cinnamon and Molasses Brown Ale) – Now we’re talking. This is a very tasty local beer that doesn’t go over the top on the cinnamon that is currently pouring at their brewery here in Oshkosh.
Lakefront My Turn Michael Stout with Spices – this was a stout spiced with chai black tea. Not over the top in terms of spices. Seemed to be balanced well but wasn’t overly ‘chai’d’. However, that being said, I don’t believe there are any ISO standards out there for the levels of chai. Jody hated it for what it is worth. Lot of discussion about too much ginger. At this point, I’m doubting that anyone in this room had ever watched Gilligan’s Island, cause if they had, they wouldn’t be saying this. ** more crickets**
Team Eaton Mulled Apple Wine – this was the apple wine they served earlier, but with added spices and warmed up. The mulling spices used for this were Door County mulling tea bags (Seaquest Orchards) along with Penzey’s mulling spices. Very good Team Eaton.
Mershon’s Cider – This was a honey’d apple cider with cinnamon. Had a weird smell to it but tasted alright. Something you could cozy up with next to a fire.