January 21, 2018
Happy Brew Year everyone, and welcome to 2018!!!! The SOB’s gathered at Fifth Ward Brewing for our annual Christmas gathering, a place of good tidings and cheer to be sure.
The business side of our Christmas meeting is kept intentionally short, so that everyone can focus on fellowship, good food, good beer, and the ever popular gift exchange. So expect the minutes to be likewise! Or not.
It was time to elect several positions to the board. Those positions were as follows: Member Coordinator, Webmaster, Treasurer, and Event Coordinator(s)
We started with the Member Coordinator, and opened the floor for nominations. Crickets. We then moved to Webmaster. More crickets. Moving on to Treasurer. Lots of crickets. Come on folks, you gotta step to the plate here!! After a few moments of awkward silence, Mike, our fearless leader, spoke up with a “I nominate Kurt Weina!”. With everyone looking around nervously for what seem liked an eternity, Kurt exclaimed, “I accept!”. So with that glorious act of selfless ambition we had our first nominee! To no surprise, the motion was seconded and then unanimously approved and Kurt became our new Treasurer. Dilly dilly!!
With one position filled, the mood lightened from anxious apprehension to optimistic confidence and we moved hither to Event Coordinator(s). With an enthusiastic shout, the name of Jody Cleveland was lifted high and strong above the crowd. From amongst the populace, now having grown giddy with the prospect of two in a row, another voice declared, “Seconded!!” At this point, the exuberance was turned to perturbation as Jody declared in no uncertain way that he did not accept that nomination. At any other gathering, this could have easily turned to anarchy and unbridled debauchery. But, nay! We are the SOB’s, and so another shout filled the air with a defiant roar. “I nominate Jeff and Becky for another term!” This was followed quickly by a “Seconded” and brought to a vote posthaste. The vote was nearly unanimous as only Lee was the singular dissenter. And even with that, it was only to lighten the mood so the motion carried and Jeff and Becky were voted in for another term. Welcome back Jeff and Becky!!
At this point in the evening, with everyone eager to start gorging themselves with the delicious array of food and fermented fantasy, another voice was heard. That of Jessica Beightol, who declared she would volunteer to be the new Member Coordinator. At that point, needing only to fill the Webmaster position, we concluded the business portion of the meeting and begin the merriment of being alive in a beer/food centered city.
Bill Schwalbach was later contacted and agreed to serve another term as Webmaster, and with that we filled all open positions for the board of the greatest club in the history of ever, the SOB’s. Welcome to the board Kurt and Jessica! Thanks for being willing to serve again Jeff, Becky, and Bill. And thank you to the former members of Zach Clark and Ian Wegner, who served the club well in their positions of Treasurer and Member Coordinator.