March 21, 2018

The SOB’s gathered at HighHolder Brewing Company, the latest in a fantastic series of new breweries to grace Oshkosh.

New Faces

No new members in tonight’s meeting.

Theme for the Night

This year we have decided to do a world beer theme for each meeting and tonight is Belgium. More details on that later on in the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Kurt Weina , our prestigious Treasurer, gave us our financial report.

Member’s Beers

Travis Sullivan brought an American Pale Ale, which was an all grain recipe brewed the end of January. The beer came in around 6.5% ABV, and had 1 oz Simcoe, 1 oz Centennial, 2oz Bavaria hops, some other hops I didn’t write down (he also mentioned an experimental hops that he couldn’t quite remember).  He called this beer ‘More Better’, and I’d have to say that it was definitely More Better than a lot of Pale Ales that I’ve had, and certainly drank easier than a 6.5% beer normally does!

Kurt Weina brought a single malt Vienna Lager, made with Dingman’s Vienna malt, hopped with Saaz hops, and with a dry lager yeast.  This was a one-gallon batch size, and he served this in that schnazzy S.O.B. growler that he won at the S.O.B. beer contest.

Jeff Eaton brought a Belgian Golden Strong that he brewed at Lion’s Tail.  This beer is called Devil’s Gold and was made in celebration of Lion’s Tail’s 100 beer.  Great job Jeff and super-kudos on having your beer on tap locally!

Brewing Calendar

Printed club calendars were made available and is slightly revised from last month.  Some highlights:

Brewery tours in Milwaukee for April 14th
o Travis contacted 8 breweries and is waiting for feedback. Goal is to get to new, smaller breweries that people may not have been to or heard of.
o Tentatively leaving Oshkosh around 9am.
Tyranena is up for coming to the April 18th meeting
Big Brew Day is May 5th at The Cellar
o Note:  The Cellar is moving onto Washburn street on March 31st
The rear of the building has a lot of open space that will work for us.
Chilton Brew Fest on May 20th
June 2nd will be the Beer Camp at Lake Arrowhead.
o We’re still looking for one additional person for that so contact Mike Engel if you’re interested.
July is the homebrew competition.
August will be the SOB picnic.
September 8th will be the SOB Homebrew Showcase, to be held at The Cellar from ~ 9am-4pm
o We will plan on having homebrew demonstrations (~ 1 hour each) over the course of the morning and afternoon.  The public will be invited and it’s a pretty good chance that there will be homebrew.
o Looking for people to volunteer to be part of a planning committee so please contact Mike Engel as soon as possible.
September 19th at Vines and Rushes
o We discussed taking the India/Sri Lanka topic off and go with Knuth brewing at Vines and Rushes.
This idea went over well so the change will be made pending successful arrangements with the proprietors.
January 2019 will be the Christmas party, because that seemed to work well during this year.

Belgian Beer Update

Chris Mills had volunteered to discuss the style this month.  He gave a great historical run down and provided some great information about the regional brews as well as specific breweries.  Thanks Chris!!!

Delirium Tremens – Golden Strong
Culen and Aaron from Fox River –  Tripel
o This one won gold at the Mid-Winter Homebrew Festival
Lion’s Tail – Golden Strong
Leffe – Blonde
Oval – Trappist
St. Bernardus – Abt 12
Lindeman’s – Kriek
Duchesse De Bourgogne – Flanders