June 20, 2018
The SOB’s gathered at Appleton Beer Factory, where no Virginia, this factory has no Oompa Loompas – but some really great beer!
Please note, that due to the acoustics and background noise in the restaurant, I did not even attempt to take notes as it was too difficult to hear everything. Instead, this month’s notes will be based off the agenda we went through.

Theme for the Night
As we have decided to do a world beer theme for each meeting, tonight’s subject is beers from Germany. More details on that later on in the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report
Kurt Weina, our prestigious Treasurer, reported that we have money. That’s all I got ‘cause I couldn’t hear how much we actually have. Somewhere between $1 and $1,000,000 I would guess.

Appleton Beer Factor Tour
Ben Fogel, co-owner of ABF was kind enough to not only allow us to have our meeting at the brewpub, but also provided the SOB’s with an overview of their brewing system. I was not able to catch all the details, but I do know that Ben, along with his pipefitter and co-owner father Jeff Fogel, did most of the work setting up the brewery themselves. One of the unique aspects of this brewery, besides the fact that it is entirely visible from the dining room floor, is that it is a mostly gravity fed system (something usually only done with homebrew systems). Thanks again Ben!

Lake Arrowhead Camping Brew Day Recap
Jeff Eaton provided the club with a recap of the homebrewing day and demos out at Lake Arrowhead Campground. I couldn’t hear too much of what he said, but I do know that those who attended had a great time based on the Face Book pictures that were posted from that weekend.

Milwaukee Bus Tour Update
The bus tour for Milwaukee breweries is still being worked out, no new details to share.

Brewing Calendar
July is the homebrew competition.
This year we will have the monthly meeting and competition at the Cellar once again. Just remember, the Cellar has moved to 465 N Washburn St. in Oshkosh!
Zach and Ian from Fifth Ward will be judging and also will brew the winning beer at some point down the road! Along with Zach and Ian, we have Kevin from Fox River, Jody from Bare Bones and Andy Piontek from Stone Arch as judges.

August will be the SOB picnic.
Still looking for someone to volunteer to prepare the meats like we have had last year.
Signups are online so keep watching for the SOB email blasts for a link.

September 8th will be the SOB Homebrew Showcase, to be held at The Cellar from ~ 9am-4pm
We will plan on having homebrew demonstrations (~ 1 hour each) over the course of the morning and afternoon. The public will be invited and there’s a better than normal chance that there will be homebrew.
Looking for people to volunteer to be part of a planning committee so please contact Mike Engel as soon as possible.
We also would like to turn this into another Big Brew Day for anyone who would like to brew beer instead of take part in the education portions.

January 2019 will be the Christmas party, because that seemed to work well during this year.

German Beer Update
Brent Martins did a fantastic job procuring, researching, and pouring a delightful selection of German beers. Among the beers we learned about and sampled from:
Schlenkerla Rauchbier
Weihenstephaner Pilsner
Reissdorf Kolsch
Ayinger Hefeweizen
Aventinus Weiss