September 19, 2018
The SOB’s gathered at Rushford Meadery and Winery in Omro, a converted elementary school now making some of the area’s finest meads and wines.
New Faces
PJ Wagner who heard about the SOB’s from the Central Wisconsin Brewers and Vintners.
Treasurer’s Report
Kurt Weina, our esteemed Treasurer, reported our finances.
Signups for Beer Tours
Per Travis Sullivan, the Explorium Brewery isn’t open until 3, so we have 3 places set up as cash-in-hand (i.e. you’ll pay for whatever amount you want to drink or eat). The 4th place would be a tour at Milwaukee Brewery Company, where the tour (plus a beer or two included) is about $10 max. The more people who sign up, the cheaper the bus. But until we finalize numbers, we can’t provide a specific number on the total cost. Travis noted that 1840 Brewery and Eagle Park Brewery are the for-sures, and Broken Bat, MKE, and Explorium are the maybes. Everything will be on the East side of Milwaukee so there won’t be a lot of travel/navigating needing to be done.
Brewing Talk
On 10/15 or 10/16, Caestecker Public Library in Green Lake is hosting a brewing information week and has reached out to Mike to see if there is interest in someone from the club speaking. If anyone is interested in speaking at this, Mike will send the info to them.
Casks & Caskets
Last year, we did a friends & family signup for about a week. We’ll do the same thing this year to allow friends of family of SOB members to get first shot at the C&C tickets. After that, we’ll send the link to people who have attended in the past. If we still don’t get enough people, then we’ll open it up via our FB page, and Lee will to a blog post from the Oshkoshbeer Blog.
Mike noted that we are still in need of a band. Michelle suggested that we pursue an acoustic band this time, because it can be very difficult to hear things if you’re pouring where the band is.
Rushford Meadery and Winery Tour
Shane Combs, co-proprietor of the fine establishment, provided the assembled thirsty mass a tour of the facility and a viewing of a grape pressing. Part of the overall cool-factor-awesomeness of the tour is realizing that this meadery/winery is housed in a former school house. The production floor is the old auditorium and the tasting and overflow rooms are in former classrooms. As I listened to Shane speak about the process, I couldn’t help but imagine all the kids who had sat in that auditorium in the past, not knowing that down the road, where they once learned and played, would one day make all the booze their tired teachers were wishing they had.
Member’s Beers
Chuck Tomsovich – Groin Slap Pale Ale. Now, I’m not exactly sure how Chuck came up with the name of this one, and I didn’t ask. The beer was good though, so I asked for another Groin Slap.

Brewing Calendar
January 2019 will be the Christmas party, because that seemed to work well during this year.