Baby it was cold outside, so the SOB’s hunkered down at O’Marro’s Public House, where everyone wants to stay inside and have a drink.

New Faces

Blake Schlepy from New London – was a member of the SOB’s about 20 years ago.  Has an all-grain system he brews on and is currently in the process of a doppelbock that will be aged in a whisky barrel.  Darren Riechenberger – from Oshkosh, brewing about 15-20 years.  Note:  he was the one that came up with the recipe for the asparagus stout that was served at C&C.

Treasurer’s Report

Kurt Weina, our highly esteemed Treasurer, gave our financial report.  For those who have paid your dues, membership cards were available.  For those that haven’t…..our club Goon will see you shortly…..


In addition to the regular meeting signup, there was a signup sheet for the FDL Brewfest which is happening in February.  The SOB’s have been part of this since the inception (~ 6 years) and don’t see any reason why we should stop.

Casks & Caskets Donation Summary

Mike provided a summary of the 7 food pantries that benefited from the $6,200 that the SOB’s donated to them due to the monies raised from Casks and Caskets.

1stand 2ndBeers Sampled

Blake Schlepy – brought two beers. The first one was made with a Bohemian lager yeast, and the second was made from the second runnings and used a Belgian yeast.  The Doppelbock went over very well – very clean and malty.  On the second one, Shane Coombs offered some insight that it seemed to have higher tannins from the lauter process resulting in a higher pH (great feedback was provided, and I wasn’t able to capture the whole thing – thanks for the feedback!).  Nice work Blake!

Mike asked the group if they would like to have a pH topic at a future meeting and there were about 8-9 people who asked if we could do that.

3rdBeer Sampled

Kurt Weina – Spiced Brown Ale made with a plethora of spices and herbs.  Came in at a hefty 8.4% and was absolutely delightful. Kurt noted that all the spices, except for the clove, was ground by himself and added all in the boil.

Board Members

There are 3 positions for voting at the January meeting: President, Secretary, and Membership Coordinator.  Mike ran through a list of all the duties that these positions take care of. Nominations were solicited.  Scott nominated Logan for club secretary and he accepted.  No other nominations were suggested at the meeting. Mike noted that nominations could be done via email as well.

Christmas Party Info

Will be on January 20that Fifth Ward Brewery.  The club will provide the meat and buns, and the members are asked to bring a dish to pass.  For those wanting to do a gift exchange, you can bring one (~ $15). Both gag and serious gifts are on the table (but let’s be honest, everyone loves the serious gifts).

SOB Schwag

Mike noted that we have a metric crap-ton of Casks & Caskets schwag for sale at the meeting. Empty your wallets people!!!!! This stuff ain’t going to move itself!!  All the money raised from this will go into the Casks & Caskets fund.

Mulled Wine

Jeff and Becky brought a mulled wine which was just what the German doctor ordered!!

Holiday Beers

Kurt Weina gave the spiel for the holiday brews and during the spiel, noted that Oshberg has a great history of holiday beers during its storied brewing past.  That being said, we sampled a number of different brews.

•Paulaner – Salvator Dopplebock (amazeballs)

•Shiner – Holiday Cheer (peach-y)

•Great Lakes Brewing – Christmas Ale (Christmas band-aid)

• Harpoon – Winter Warmer

•Rushford Meadery and Winery – Cider Rush Spiced Semi-Sweet Hard Cider


This was my last meeting as club Secretary part-deux.  It has been a pleasure.  I hoped you have enjoyed these notes over the past two years.  My heart and soul have been poured into this. Or not, it’s hard to say really.  Sometimes if I sampled too much, I wrote about robots.  And then sometimes I didn’t.  You tell me.  What?  Go home notes, you’re drunk.  Go SOB’s!!!!