On a frigid January evening, the merriest bunch of S.O.B’s you ever did see met at Fifth Ward Brewery for the annual Christmas party. It was a night of good food, great company, and of course all the beer one could wish for. We reveled in the memories we made over the past year; with outstanding events like big brew day, beer camping, and casks and caskets, how could we not? Of course, no Christmas party is complete without a moment or two of hard work – cue the abbreviated business meeting.

The only business task on the docket for the night was to elect a few new board members. This year three positions came open for election – President, secretary, and member coordinator. In true S.O.B. fashion the election was far less serious than expected with many “Dilly Dilly’s” belted out from the crowd. First on the list was member coordinator. No volunteers or nominations were forthcoming, however Travis Sullivan arrived in the nick of time to save us from the crickets in the room. Thanks, Travis, for your impeccable timing and for agreeing to be the new member coordinator. Next in line was club secretary. Logan Anderson was nominated and agreed to get drunk once a month to write these delightfully entertaining meeting minutes. Last but not least we needed a President. Again, no volunteers stepped up to the arduous task of leading the pack of wild brewers. Mike Engel, in knight-like fashion, agreed to hold the position for another term.

A special thanks to all past, present, and new board members for putting in the work to ensure the club runs smoothly.

With that being said, the board is looking for your input. Yes, you the one reading this. What would you like to see from the club in the next year? Does your brewing equipment demand to be used in more club collaborative brews, does your sense of adventure nag at you to visit every local brewery, or maybe your inquisitive mind is calling you to understand the finer tunings of brewing beer? Whatever your heart desires let us know so we can steer the club in a direction that suits the interests of the entire club.

Here’s to another amazing year of beer and friends! Cheers!


New Faces:

Unfortunately, the Christmas party didn’t wrangle in any new faces. Keep an eye out for new brewers and remind all your brewing friends of the areas most fun drinking club!


Upcoming Club Events:

•On February 2nd, several club members will be serving their very own recipes at the Fond du lac Brewfest. There is no longer room for more servers, but we’d love to see all your rosy faces. Stop down for a sample (or 6.)


Local Beer News:

•Lion’s Tale Brewery in Neenah is hosting the 2019 Homebrewer’s Open on February 19. All entries are welcome with the requirement that at least one Briess malt be used in the recipe.

•Looking to chill out and chug some beer? Head to Bare Bones Brewery on February 23, for the second annual Winter Beer Fest. Check out their Facebook page for more information and tickets.

•Northeast Wisconsin Beer Battles – so maybe you’re not into sports, well this is a bracket anybody can get behind. Simply go to one of 10 participating watering holes, drink the competing beers, and vote for your favorite. For more information follow this link: Beer Battles.

•Tired of leaving your furry friend at home while you enjoy a night of wine? Wine and Wags (March 2nd) is a dog friendly wine tasting event put on by Rushford Meadery in conjunction with N.E.W.PAWSibilities. Check out the event on Facebook or at either hosting establishment for more information