• May Meeting Minutes:
    Every meeting is special to us SOB’s, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of sharing the same beer brewed by 15-some people. At the May meeting the SOB’s gathered at Bare Bones
    Brewery to share the beer that was produced from the wort share back in early April. It was hard to imagine that so many flavors could come from a single base beer.
    New Faces:
    We had the privilege of welcoming two new faces to the club this month. Tom Kontos discovered beer while in Germany serving the U.S. military. Although he has attended Casks and
    Caskets in the past, he has not yet brewed his own beer. Jeff Duhacek first started brewing when he lived in Jersey, although the hobby didn’t follow him to Wisconsin. Instead, Jeff’s love of beer led him to help at Emprize Brew Mill in Menasha and co-purchasing the Cellar in Oshkosh.  We welcome both to the club and hope to see you again soon.
    Treasurer’s Report:
    As a reminder, dues are coming up next month. Club fees are $20.00 for a single membership of $30.00 for a couple. We assure you that $20 will get you ample beer, fun, and companionship.
    Please pay Kurt at the next meeting.
    Big Brew Day Review:
    How can we get so lucky? Sitting under the warm spring sun, brewing beer, and munching on BBQ from DD’s BBQ adds up to the perfect day for the SOB’s. About 10 brewers stopped out to
    the event and many more community and club members attended. We even filled a spot in the Oshkosh Herald. Way to go SOB’s on an awesome Big Brew Day!
    Annual Competition:
    July is staged as the SOB’s 3rd
    annual club competition. We’re switching it up a little this year, so pay close attention. There is no cost to enter the competition and any BJCP style is allowed.  Simply sign up and have your beer scored. This year the July meeting and competition will be held at Fox River Brewing Company in Oshkosh. Additionally, we are limiting entries to beer only, as wines, ciders, and meads will be judged at the September meeting at Rushford. On top of that, BJCP judges will score beer with the winning beer being brewed by the Fox River crew.
    Brewing Law Changes:
    In an attempt to raise more money at Casks and Caskets this year, we are trying to update brewing laws to allow for charity-based home brew events to charge admission. To do this we
    are formulating letters which anyone can sign and send to their local representatives. Moreover, we are creating a petition for all club and community members to sign. Help us change laws to benefit the community!
    June Meeting:
  • We’ve been meeting at many venues this year, but the June meeting will once again be held at O’Marros. At this meeting expect a discussion on grains and a visit by beers from Knuth Brewing Company out of Ripon. With so many events happening this year, please keep on eye on the SOB website calendar.
    Fellowship of The Barrel:
    Many of our favorite beers are aged in whisky, bourbon, or wine barrels, which can be hard to come by for the average homebrewer. Luckily the Fellowship of The Barrel is forming anew to deliver some barrel aged goodness to the club. A meeting will be help on June 12th
    at Oblio’s to discuss the logistics of the brew. Look for an email soon for more information.
    Casks and Caskets Update:
    The Hilton Garden Inn locate in Oshkosh is more eager than ever to host the SOB event. However, this year we will be pushing the fest a few weeks earlier on October 19th. A committee
    is currently forming to plan for the event. See Mike Engel if you’re interested in planning.
    Proximity Maltster:
    Proximity is a malting company out of Milwaukee that is on the cutting edge of malt. They are interested in hosting a group of SOB’s in the future for a tour of their facility in Milwaukee. Perhaps this would be a good time to tour more breweries from the Brew City. Stay tuned for more information.
    Bare Bone’s Beer Sampling:
    We can’t thank Jody and the Bare Bone’s crew enough for allowing us to bring home wort and ferment it into so many wonderful beer renditions. The club sampled 13 beers made from the
    same wort, but not even one tasted alike. There were additions of pecans and coffee, pitches of Belgian and Norwegian yeasts, and of course Jody’s tried and true Nemesis Brown Ale. During the tasting ample notes were taken of comments for flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. See the June
    newsletter for the results