May Virtual Meeting Minutes:
12 SOBs loaded up the WebEx meeting for what we hope is our last online meeting. COVID has had a large effect on our plans for the year; many of our usual events have needed to be canceled or drastically changed to reflect safer social interactions. Our number one goal is the health and safety of our members, so we used this meeting to discuss event planning for the rest of the year.
June Meeting:
Like many events and gatherings, we have had to cancel our live meetings for the past three months. However, as businesses and organizations are finding better, more safer ways to operate in the midst of COVID we feel that we are going to have the chance for a live meeting in June.  The location is not yet confirmed but we should expect an outdoor venue with ample room to spread out. More details to come soon.

g Brew Day:
Although we were unable to meet as a group in early May to participate in the official Big Brew Day the club would still like to hold a Big Brew Day style event. We believe that meeting outside will afford adequate possibility for social distancing. With added hand sanitizing stations, we fully believe this would be a great way for the SOBs to reunite and partake in our usual camaraderie. We have thought about holding the event in tandem with a wort share at Fifth Ward. More details to come soon.

ort Share:
Our friends at Fifth Ward have offered the opportunity for the SOBs to join in a wort share sometime in June. The wort would be post-boiled Octoberfest style. Members would be able to take some of the wort home and ferment however they desire with whatever additions the desire to achieve a final beer. More details to come soon.
SOB Picnic:
Every August the SOBs meet for a picnic to celebrate our friendship. We should expect nothing different this year. The date (third week in August) will remain the same, but the details might look a little different. More details to come soon.

sks and Caskets:
Unfortunately, with many local businesses, including our sponsors, feeling the effects of reduced business over the last three months we do not feel at this time that we will be able to plan a full-blown Casks and Caskets. We rely heavily on funds from our sponsors to host the event and we do not feel at this time it would be appropriate to ask for such an investment. We would still like to hold a C&C type event, but on a smaller scale and limited to SOB members and their family.  More details to come soon.
Bus Trip:

Assuming conditions continue to improve the SOBs would like to take a trip to Green Bay in October. We would visit some great breweries and share some great laughs. More details to
come soon