SOB Octoberfest!

It was almost just like old times. These wort shares are going to have to continue if this keeps happening! 
Attendance at the September Octoberfest meeting was superb. Guess that’s what happens when you provide free beer and brats!

25 people came out of hiding to attend and no less than 11 different Octoberfests hit the ground running. A world of different palettes were uncovered from this experiment: case in point – two that were fermented with the same yeast resulted in very different tastes!

We also signed up two new members on the spot! Welcome new members Brent Bowman and Michael Gumtow to the SOB fold.

Thanks to all those who brought their wort share beer along; to Kurt Weina, for donating and cooking the food and to Zach and Ian, for providing the wort, setting up the beer garden and bringing out samples of their own Octoberfest and a special sampling of their forthcoming Doppelbock, which by the way, will is now on tap!

Coming up in October is the Wine, Mead and Cider Competition, to be held at Rushford Meadery and WInery in Omro.

We also wanted to mention that Fox River will be brewing Dick Waltenberry’s winning entry in the SOB beer competition on Friday, October 2nd, beginning at 7am! Only five people will be admitted and masks must be worn.

One last note. We think not all of the members received the notice about the Octoberfest tasting. We apologize for that are are going over the membership list with a fine tooth comb to make sure all members receive club communication. Thanks for understanding!