January 2022 Virtual Meeting

The SOB January meeting was held virtually on January 19th.  We hope to be able to resume our in-person gatherings for our February SOB Christmas Party!

Speaking of Christmas Party, it has been rescheduled for Sunday February 20th at Fifth Ward Brewing at 6pm!  Sign up is HERE for the pot luck.  Reminder that there will be an optional gift exchange.  If you want to participate, please bring a wrapped gift of $25 value.  Reminder that our regularly scheduled February club meeting would be held during the party.

Elections were held during our virtual meeting.  Please congratulate the below people on being elected to the SOB Board!  We would like to thank Bill for his years of service as Web Coordinator!

Web Coordinator – Matt Saunders
Treasurer – Kurt Weina

Event Coordinators – Jeff and Becky

The club also voted on the by-laws changes that were previously sent out for review.  The club voted to approve the changes.

The club is getting low on SOB merchandise to sell at events.  The board proposed buying more merchandise including t-shirts and other swag.  The proposal is about $500.  The club voted to proceed with getting the order quoted and moving forward with the purchase.  If the purchase amount exceeds the $500, then the board will come back to the club with an updated estimate.

The Fond du Lac Brew Fest is coming up on Saturday February 5th.  If you are interested in attending and serving beer to represent the SOB club, please sign up HERE.

Ideas for upcoming educational meetings.  The club is thinking about showcasing some of the brewing software that is available.  If you are interested in leading an educational session or have other ideas for a topic, please contact Scott or another board member.

The club is planning a Green Bay area brewery tour!  More details to come, however there are a lot of good breweries in the Green Bay area for us to explore.  We are debating whether a bus rental is appropriate for the tour or if we organize a few cars for a carpool.  If you have interest in the tour or suggestions for travel arrangements, stay tuned for a sign-up or reach out to a board member with your ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you all on February 20th for our Christmas Party!

Upcoming club events:
February 20th – SOB Christmas Party at Fifth Ward at 6pm
March 16th – SOB Meeting at O’Marro’s

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