March 2022 Meeting

Reminder, the SOB’s are planning a Green Bay area brewery tour!  $40/person paid at the time of arrival on the bus.  All stops are booked for below times. We have 3 more spots to fill on the bus!  Sign up HERE
SOB Green Bay Brewery Tour April 9th, 2022

Bus picks up Park and Ride, Hwy 76 and 41- Oshkosh – 11

Zambaldi Beer (Tour, Pizzas and Beers) 50 min travel time – 12-2

Noble Roots Brewing Company (Tour, Samples) 10 min travel time – 2:30-4

Ahnapee Brewing Company (Samples) 20 min travel time – 4:30-6:00 

Drop off Park and Ride – Oshkosh 50 min 7:00
Scott kicked off the meeting as each SOB held up a pint of Guinness as an early toast to St. Patty’s Day.  We discussed the possibility of bringing back Casks & Caskets.  Some potential options are maybe doing a smaller version or hosting a beer dinner type event.  The board is also poking around at the idea of the SOB’s bringing back Brews ‘n Blues.  To make any of those fun events possible, it requires interest and hard work from the club.  If you have any interest in supporting an event, please reach out to a board member.

Big Brew Day is coming up on May 7th!  As of now, the club is expecting to be able to brew at The Cellar, but we need to confirm.  Maybe we could even organize a food truck to be present during the brew.  If you’re looking to have a beer ready to serve at Brews on the Bay this summer, this would be a great opportunity!

Are you interested in attending a Timber Rattler game with a bunch of SOB’s?  The board will look into some possible dates and share with the club to get interest.  Likely would be a game towards late summer.

While we were sampling some homebrewed libations including an Irish Red Ale, barrel aged maple Kviek, and Chuck’s “Itchy-nut Brown Ale, Kurt shared some of his cleaning techniques with the club.  Part of Kurt’s cleaning best practice is to bake his glassware.  He uses his kitchen oven at the lowest setting and steps up the temperature in 100°F increments until he reaches 350°F.  After an hour of getting baked, he turns off the oven and lets the glassware slowly cool with the door closed.  He warns if you let the glass cool too quickly, it can become brittle and break.  So be careful!  Thanks for sharing Kurt and if anyone has any suggestions for additional educational topics, reach out to a board member.

See you in April!

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