June 2022 Meeting Minutes

It was a dark and stormy night…Well not that bad, not in our O’Marros bunker with plenty of beer.

We had a special guest from Florida, Scott who brought the weather. He came with Brett to sample our fine beverages.

Dues are due! Despite inflation, the cost to renew is still $20. Pay Kurt as soon as possible.

President Emeritus Engel will be making a visit in a few weeks and would like to see members if you are around.

Beer #1: Brett brought a Roggenbier. He was kind enough to share his last growler. For his first beer share it was quite unique and delicious despite his own critiques and age in the keg. Blue Ribbon State Fair Winner. He’ll use Weinstephaner yeast per Scott’s recommendation next time. Prost!

Brews on the Bay update. See the email blast, but to recap, Scott talked with Ray Mauer the Director of the Parks Department. Scott felt he was not in the loop and Ray was surprised by our response and questions. Scott corrected him and updated him with our feelings about all of this. The parks department ultimately was concerned with their liquor license and the rules with that. So, long story short, we can serve our beers at Brews in the Bay as long as we abide by some of their rules and concerns. We need to serve in the same spot as their servers, no more than 3oz pours, share what we are bringing in advance, we cannot drink while serving (you can sub out with someone to go get a beer and come back when you’re done drinking), and nothing over 6.5% ABV. The next event is June 29th.

So that being said, if you are interested, we need a few beers in two weeks. Please check the link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11VKUNsJlBmuVXFdTaNhTSMN6MG8KvGwT_HEWgDIz0rM/edit

Beer #2: Jeff brought a Milk Stout for dairy month. The ingredients are a closely guarded secret. For all you know it doesn’t exist. A little sweet and a little bitter. Another great beer.

Next month is the Club Competition at Bare Bones! August is our Club Picnic at Menominee Park. Make sure you get to the right shelter! The one with beer. Same as last year near the water. September is our annual Wine and Mead competition at Rushford.

As for next months competition, it better be brewed or brewed soon! For those submitting beers, it is recommended to bring six 12oz bottles, four at a minimum. We will have BJCP judges as well as club members sampling for the competition like usual. Beers need to be dropped off no later than the day of the meeting (before the meeting starts) at Bare Bones. However, please let Scott Westpfahl know what style ahead of time so we can print correct style sheets. Bare Bones will do their best to fit the winning beer into their schedule (with caveats to the style of beer). They would also like us to wrap up by 9pm. So be ready to drink fast!

Beer #3: Travis brought the Imperial Belgian Blonde from the Club’s Fellowship of the Barrel. This was the second filling from the barrel. It has definitely aged with some unique characteristics.

To wrap up, would there be interest in more brewing opportunities? Scott is open to having people to his house for a mini-brew day in his garage. He will follow up.

Beer #4: Jody brought a very rare beer (at least he said it was beer, rumor has it, it was distilled). Only for those willing to appreciate a fine specimen of a beverage. He obtained the last beer brewed by Bare Bones former brewer. A Triple IPA that has been aged in a barrel for three years and boy you can tell. 12 bottles were made and this is the last known one. 120 IBUs and a high ABV! A reward for braving the storms tonight!

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