January 2023 Meeting Notes

Jan 18th, 2023

What a beautiful winter night at 5th Ward awaiting the onset of a Wisconsin winter squall!


Members provided survival beverages to quench thirsts thru the evening:

Kurt                       Breakfast Stout
Matt/Staci              Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Mark Stanek          Lager
Scott                      Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Chuck                    Speckled Hen Clone
Travis                    Red Ale (Lakefront Clone)


Fondy Club’s annual Beer Fest at Expo Center (February 4th)

5 SOBs will be serving our club’s finest.                 

Scott                      Xmas Ale
Kurt                       Centennial IPA
Brett                      Blueberry Blonde
Travis                    Barrel-Aged Plum Brown
Andrew                 Barrel Aged Sour

Event will host 103 various homebrews.

Note: There may still be room for 1 additional pourer

Brews on the Bay

Scott has aligned with Parks Director and SOBs are WELCOME BACK
Requested for SOBs to be represented in planning discussions.
Begins in June. There are 7 events and of that……3 are in conflict with scheduled SOB mtgs.

(06/21, 07/12, 08/02, 08/16, 09/06, 09/20)

Will investigate on how we may manage participation.
Kurt has volunteered to coordinate with these events.

Summer Picnic

August 16th
Abe Rochlin Park in Oshkosh

Sturgeon Spirits

Club is working with owner (Karl) to distill a club brew.
Will require ~40 gallons of “big” beer (10%)
Please reach out to a board member if you have interest or any questions.
Will investigate a brew day in March.
Brewery Tour (Fox Valley): 

Will have to commit/pay prior to event.
Tentative date of April 15
ATTENDEES……..Please sign up using the link in the email blast.

Wort Share

More to follow…so stay tuned.

Big Brew Day

1st Saturday in May
Parking lot of the Cellar (behind the store….follow your nose and sniff for steaming wort

Inquiry to members:

What are goals of 2023 SOBS?
What do members wish to have at meetings?
How do members brew? What unique differences are fellow brewers doing?
Check out calendar on SOB website and highlights on screenshot below.

2023 Elections

New Member Coordinator              Travis
New Secretary                                 Chuck
Continuing President                       Scott
(Due to heightened demands within Scott’s career, he will need to delegate some activities throughout board. Lets be ready to divide and conquer)

Will revisit status in 2024 election.

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