February 2023 Meeting Notes

Key Observation: It seems discussion, collaboration, and camaraderie tend to be heightened while surrounded by the wares of brewing and plenty of high quality fermented malt. Thank You Fifth Ward.

This month’s meeting fell absent of our fearless leader, Scott Westpfhal, however Mr. Travis Sullivan took the reins and flawlessly led us from start to finish.

Our 7:00PM meeting began promptly with Lee Reiherzer sharing some of his Czech Dark Lager (non lager)

New Faces
While sampling this fine beverage we met two fine gentlemen who find interest in our club as well as brewing. Seth who has recently moved to Oshkosh. He rightfully owns the title of being an Okee from Muskogee Jacob. This gentleman habitually attends meetings and we welcome him aboard

Who’s Brewing What
Kurt W. will be competing in his 2nd venture to H.H.Hinder Brewing Company for their annual HEADBUTT HOMEBREW COMPETITION. He will be making a Vienna Lager. We wish him all the luck and suspect he will do well. There is still time for more entries……..check out the link above.

Lee R has sights set on brewing a Red Lager this Sunday. Special Note; This will be Lee’s 500th batch of beer he has brewed. Holy cripes!!!! Congrats, Lee, on this huge milestone.

Fondy Brewfest Summary
Participating clubs was, to say the least, impressive and attendees had opportunity to sample 120 various suds. One of which was supplied by our very own Kurt Weina who scored a 4th place with his IPA. Rock on, Kurt. SOB attendees stumbled onto a “FREE” flyer opportunity which our club will explore to promote the SOB or activities there of.

Fox Valley Brewery Tour
All systems go for this quadruple event!
Plan is to initiate our learning at roughly 11:00AM at the Hop Yard Ale Works followed by subsequent visits to McFleshman’s Brewing Company, Appleton Beer Factory, and buttoning things up at the Stone Arch Brewpub. We continue to diligently explore transportation options so please stay tuned.

This is likely to be described as a Mega Hoot so please consider and sign up. See emails for link.

Time for another sampling………….ZERO objections.

Kurt offered up a pleasant IPA which incorporated some 2-Row base malt, 40L Crystal, and the ever so popular 8 ounces of Centennial Hops. Multiple supportive reviews to this 5.5 ABV pallet teaser.

Quick review of SOB events
Check out the calendar of events

Brews on the Bay
Once again….we will not participate in scheduled events which unfortunately conflict with timing of our scheduled meetings. None-the-less we would like strong representation at all other “available” events.

Please sign up if you would like to participate/donate to any of these activities.
PS…………they are lots of fun.

Time for another sampling………….Bring it, Travis.
An Imperial Lager seasoned in a 10 gallon barrel for 1 year proved more than worthy when highlighted with a plumb adjunct for 6 weeks. Yum!!! Strong barrel influence despite this being the 4th he’s brought to this boozy oak cavity.

It should also be noted that upon adjourning of tonight’s meeting…………Travis offered up a nice selection of sours which were sourced during the Fondy Brew Fest

What the heck is SMaSH??? It is a brew made with a Single Malt and a Single Hop. Here’s a link to a little background info on SMaSH

So the latest discussion is taking advantage of the generous offering from Jody Cleveland of Bare Bones Brewery to share some surplus Malteurop Pale Ale. Quite the offering as this equates to 8 – 55# bags.

We could, in turn, coordinate multiple members doing multiple concoctions on May 6th’s AHA Big Brew Day.

In addition to this offering…………Ryan Walejko has offered up some of his successful home-grown Chinook/Cascade hops to further compliment the May 6th home-brew national event.
Thanks, Dudes.

We will soon have a sign-up available.

And………so that we stay hydrated with free water and fully nutritiotioned..we will utilize the gracious parking facilities of The Cellar for this annual event as well as the scrumptious provisions of Ginger German’s Gastro Truck.

Distilling with Sturgeon Spirits
We continue to narrow the details of successfully pursuing this fascinating venture.
Please sign up using the email link if you so-happen to have interest. As we learn more………so will you.

Treasurer’s Report
Per Kurt’s summary we have the following funds
Club Savings: $$$
Cask & Caskets: $$

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