Upholding Oshkosh's Brewing Traditions

Anyone who brews their own beer is a real SOB!



Event Infomation

Beer Dinners

The club will again be doing beer dinners, with pairings of food to members homebrew.  This is typically a colder month event, and there will be more details here are they are created.  The usual cost is around $35.

Club-only competition

Back by popular demand, we will be doing club only competitions again.  The next one coming up is at our July Meeting.  The plan is for the judges to be the brewmasters from Fox River Brewing, Lion’s Tail Brewing, Stone Arch Brewing, and Bare Bones Brewing.  This is a an open competition, so any style can be entered.  Note however, that it will be judged based on the BJCP style it represents.  So a true to style American Lager will score higher than a mediocre Belgian Quad.  This provides equal footing for everyone!

Casks and Caskets

This is the SOBs time to shine!  After a two year hiatus, Casks and Caskets is back on.  Held each year around halloween, this is a homebrew only beer tasting event for charity.  You’re not going to find anything quite like this anywhere else in the state.  The event is 100% homebrew!  You won’t be able to find these beers in stores.  The beers, wines, meads, and ciders you try, are made for this event, some never to be made again.  This is also where you will find unique brews, as homebrewers like to try wild things, with tasty results!  The SOBs are excited to be bringing this event back to Oshkosh, and we can’t wait to see you there!  This year, we are going to hold it on November 4th, 2017 at The Hilton Garden Inn on 20th Ave.

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