2022 Club Beer Competition

The 2022 Club Beer Competition was held at Bare Bones Brewery in Oshkosh on July 20th. Head brewers, Jody of Bare Bones, and Drew of Fox River were the official judges. Precompetition drinks were had and pretzels and crackers set out to make sure everyone had clean palettes for sampling. Seven beers were entered and one came out victorious. Lee Reiherzer swept the competition pulling off the top spot in People’s Choice and the Official Judges Choice with his Helen Kellerbier.

June 2022 Meeting Minutes

It was a dark and stormy night…Well not that bad, not in our O’Marros bunker with plenty of beer.

We had a special guest from Florida, Scott who brought the weather. He came with Brett to sample our fine beverages.

Dues are due! Despite inflation, the cost to renew is still $20. Pay Kurt as soon as possible.

President Emeritus Engel will be making a visit in a few weeks and would like to see members if you are around.

Beer #1: Brett brought a Roggenbier. He was kind enough to share his last growler. For his first beer share it was quite unique and delicious despite his own critiques and age in the keg. Blue Ribbon State Fair Winner. He’ll use Weinstephaner yeast per Scott’s recommendation next time. Prost!

Brews on the Bay update. See the email blast, but to recap, Scott talked with Ray Mauer the Director of the Parks Department. Scott felt he was not in the loop and Ray was surprised by our response and questions. Scott corrected him and updated him with our feelings about all of this. The parks department ultimately was concerned with their liquor license and the rules with that. So, long story short, we can serve our beers at Brews in the Bay as long as we abide by some of their rules and concerns. We need to serve in the same spot as their servers, no more than 3oz pours, share what we are bringing in advance, we cannot drink while serving (you can sub out with someone to go get a beer and come back when you’re done drinking), and nothing over 6.5% ABV. The next event is June 29th.

So that being said, if you are interested, we need a few beers in two weeks. Please check the link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11VKUNsJlBmuVXFdTaNhTSMN6MG8KvGwT_HEWgDIz0rM/edit

Beer #2: Jeff brought a Milk Stout for dairy month. The ingredients are a closely guarded secret. For all you know it doesn’t exist. A little sweet and a little bitter. Another great beer.

Next month is the Club Competition at Bare Bones! August is our Club Picnic at Menominee Park. Make sure you get to the right shelter! The one with beer. Same as last year near the water. September is our annual Wine and Mead competition at Rushford.

As for next months competition, it better be brewed or brewed soon! For those submitting beers, it is recommended to bring six 12oz bottles, four at a minimum. We will have BJCP judges as well as club members sampling for the competition like usual. Beers need to be dropped off no later than the day of the meeting (before the meeting starts) at Bare Bones. However, please let Scott Westpfahl know what style ahead of time so we can print correct style sheets. Bare Bones will do their best to fit the winning beer into their schedule (with caveats to the style of beer). They would also like us to wrap up by 9pm. So be ready to drink fast!

Beer #3: Travis brought the Imperial Belgian Blonde from the Club’s Fellowship of the Barrel. This was the second filling from the barrel. It has definitely aged with some unique characteristics.

To wrap up, would there be interest in more brewing opportunities? Scott is open to having people to his house for a mini-brew day in his garage. He will follow up.

Beer #4: Jody brought a very rare beer (at least he said it was beer, rumor has it, it was distilled). Only for those willing to appreciate a fine specimen of a beverage. He obtained the last beer brewed by Bare Bones former brewer. A Triple IPA that has been aged in a barrel for three years and boy you can tell. 12 bottles were made and this is the last known one. 120 IBUs and a high ABV! A reward for braving the storms tonight!

May 2022 Meeting Minutes

On a calm, cool, evening, the SOB’s traveled to Barrel 41 Brewing in Neenah to hold our May meeting.  About 20 members attended and we even gained one new member.  Welcome, Brett Helmbrecht!

Big Brew Day held at The Cellar was a success this year!  Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in brewing or watching others brew.  Many styles were brewed including a Vienna lager, ESB, salted caramel porter, dark lager, SMASH beer, and more.  Thanks again to Matt for coordinating the drone footage and capturing pictures of the event which you can view HERE

New SOB merchandise has arrived!  Let Jeff or Becky know if you’re interested in any swag.  We’ll of course bring the merchandise to any events we attend as well.

As mentioned in the last meeting, the Oshkosh Parks Department will no longer allow the SOB’s to have a presence at the Brews on the Bay event to serve beer.  While exact details are unknown, the club board made every effort to get the SOB’s able to attend and serve beer.  The club consensus was if we’re unable to serve our homebrew, we do not wish to have a presence at the event.  The board will continue looking into other events this summer to promote the SOB’s and share our homebrew.  One possibility is participating in the Slow Roll Ride event on July 27th.  Kris Larson of Beckett’s is organizing the event and expressed interest in having the SOB’s attend and serve beer at the pavilion in Menominee Park following the ride.  Chris and Scott are working out further details to see if this is something we can do.  If you have any other ideas (e.g. Fifth Ward Vintage Market, club brew at a brewery, samples at Farmer’s Market, etc.), please reach out to a board member.

Do you like barrel aged beer?!  Do you wish you could participate in a barrel brew collaboration?!  The SOB’s are again looking to form another Barrel Society to collaborate on a brew which will be aged in a barrel.  The last series of aged beers resulting from the Barrel Society were amazing!  So if you have interest in participating (brewing minimum 5 gallons), please reach out to Travis.

Reminder that our club beer competition is during our July meeting.  If you would like to have your beer entered, please plan on providing 6 bottles of your beer.  Bottles should be labeled and follow the BJCP guidelines which can be found HERE.  The competition will be held at Bare Bones Brewery in Oshkosh.  More details such as the deadline to submit entries will follow during our June meeting.

Lastly, here’s a look at our upcoming meeting locations:
June – O’Marro’s
July – Club Competition at Bare Bones
August – SOB Picnic
September – Mead & Wine Competition at Rushford
October – O’Marro’s
November – Sturgeon Spirits Distillery (if they’re open by this date)
December – O’Marro’s
January – Club Christmas party at Fifth Ward

See you in June!

April 2022 Meeting

The SOB’s gathered in their home base of O’Marro’s on 4/20 to imbibe in the only thing appropriate for that day…BEER!  About 7 different homebrewed creations, including Al’s infamous Duck Corn Wine (2008 vintage!), were sampled throughout the meeting and they were all delicious!  Thanks to those who brought some shareables.

Reminder of SOB membership dues approaching in June.  Don’t worry, unlike everything else that’s affected by inflation, your SOB annual membership is still a steal at $20!  Bring your dues to Kurt during the June meeting.

The Green Bay Brewery Tour trip was a success!  The SOB’s had a lot of fun tasting various beers and enjoying tours offered by the local Green Bay area breweries.  The club is looking to do another similar brewery tour trip in the fall.  This time we’re thinking about touring the Manitowoc/Sheboygan area.  So stay tuned for more details!

Big Brew Day is coming up on Saturday May 7th!  The club will be able to brew at The Cellar (back portion of the parking lot).  Also, we have the Ginger German Gastro food truck lined up to attend and keep you SOB’s from going hungry!  Even if you’re not planning to brew, come over and hang out with your favorite SOB’s.  If you plan to attend, we would appreciate you signing up HERE.

Message from our club President, Scott:
Regarding the upcoming Brews on the Bay beer garden events at Menomonee Park, as a club we have been looking forward with excitement to participate once again, as last year our booth proved not only to be an extremely popular spot at the event, but provided a fun way for our members to promote the club and share the labor of our efforts with the public.  At the end of last year, we were informed by the event director that we would be welcomed back in 2022 in the same capacity.  Unfortunately, we have just been informed today from that same individual, that will no longer be the case.  While the specific reasons were not provided, we were informed that we were welcome to set up a booth, but will no longer be able to hand out homebrew this year.  As a board, we are extremely disappointed in both the decision itself, as well as the timing of that decision.  Given all of this, the club board will circle back and discuss what we may want to do moving forward, and we will have a discussion on this matter at our next general membership meeting.  Thanks for your understanding.

Lastly, here’s a look at our upcoming meeting locations:
April – O’Marro’s
May – Barrel 41 Brewing
June – O’Marro’s
July – Club Competition at Bare Bones
August – SOB Picnic
September – Mead & Wine Competition at Rushford
October – O’Marro’s
November – Sturgeon Spirits Distillery (if they’re open by this date)
December – O’Marro’s
January – Club Christmas party at Fifth Ward

See you in May!

March 2022 Meeting

Reminder, the SOB’s are planning a Green Bay area brewery tour!  $40/person paid at the time of arrival on the bus.  All stops are booked for below times. We have 3 more spots to fill on the bus!  Sign up HERE
SOB Green Bay Brewery Tour April 9th, 2022

Bus picks up Park and Ride, Hwy 76 and 41- Oshkosh – 11

Zambaldi Beer (Tour, Pizzas and Beers) 50 min travel time – 12-2

Noble Roots Brewing Company (Tour, Samples) 10 min travel time – 2:30-4

Ahnapee Brewing Company (Samples) 20 min travel time – 4:30-6:00 

Drop off Park and Ride – Oshkosh 50 min 7:00
Scott kicked off the meeting as each SOB held up a pint of Guinness as an early toast to St. Patty’s Day.  We discussed the possibility of bringing back Casks & Caskets.  Some potential options are maybe doing a smaller version or hosting a beer dinner type event.  The board is also poking around at the idea of the SOB’s bringing back Brews ‘n Blues.  To make any of those fun events possible, it requires interest and hard work from the club.  If you have any interest in supporting an event, please reach out to a board member.

Big Brew Day is coming up on May 7th!  As of now, the club is expecting to be able to brew at The Cellar, but we need to confirm.  Maybe we could even organize a food truck to be present during the brew.  If you’re looking to have a beer ready to serve at Brews on the Bay this summer, this would be a great opportunity!

Are you interested in attending a Timber Rattler game with a bunch of SOB’s?  The board will look into some possible dates and share with the club to get interest.  Likely would be a game towards late summer.

While we were sampling some homebrewed libations including an Irish Red Ale, barrel aged maple Kviek, and Chuck’s “Itchy-nut Brown Ale, Kurt shared some of his cleaning techniques with the club.  Part of Kurt’s cleaning best practice is to bake his glassware.  He uses his kitchen oven at the lowest setting and steps up the temperature in 100°F increments until he reaches 350°F.  After an hour of getting baked, he turns off the oven and lets the glassware slowly cool with the door closed.  He warns if you let the glass cool too quickly, it can become brittle and break.  So be careful!  Thanks for sharing Kurt and if anyone has any suggestions for additional educational topics, reach out to a board member.

See you in April!

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