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January 2022 Virtual Meeting

The SOB January meeting was held virtually on January 19th.  We hope to be able to resume our in-person gatherings for our February SOB Christmas Party!

Speaking of Christmas Party, it has been rescheduled for Sunday February 20th at Fifth Ward Brewing at 6pm!  Sign up is HERE for the pot luck.  Reminder that there will be an optional gift exchange.  If you want to participate, please bring a wrapped gift of $25 value.  Reminder that our regularly scheduled February club meeting would be held during the party.

Elections were held during our virtual meeting.  Please congratulate the below people on being elected to the SOB Board!  We would like to thank Bill for his years of service as Web Coordinator!

Web Coordinator – Matt Saunders
Treasurer – Kurt Weina

Event Coordinators – Jeff and Becky

The club also voted on the by-laws changes that were previously sent out for review.  The club voted to approve the changes.

The club is getting low on SOB merchandise to sell at events.  The board proposed buying more merchandise including t-shirts and other swag.  The proposal is about $500.  The club voted to proceed with getting the order quoted and moving forward with the purchase.  If the purchase amount exceeds the $500, then the board will come back to the club with an updated estimate.

The Fond du Lac Brew Fest is coming up on Saturday February 5th.  If you are interested in attending and serving beer to represent the SOB club, please sign up HERE.

Ideas for upcoming educational meetings.  The club is thinking about showcasing some of the brewing software that is available.  If you are interested in leading an educational session or have other ideas for a topic, please contact Scott or another board member.

The club is planning a Green Bay area brewery tour!  More details to come, however there are a lot of good breweries in the Green Bay area for us to explore.  We are debating whether a bus rental is appropriate for the tour or if we organize a few cars for a carpool.  If you have interest in the tour or suggestions for travel arrangements, stay tuned for a sign-up or reach out to a board member with your ideas.

Looking forward to seeing you all on February 20th for our Christmas Party!

Upcoming club events:
February 20th – SOB Christmas Party at Fifth Ward at 6pm
March 16th – SOB Meeting at O’Marro’s

December 2021 Meeting

On a cold, snowy, Dec….wait a minute.  On a WARM, 60°, December night, a bunch of jolly SOB’s got together at Oblio’s Lounge to spread cheer and imbibe in holiday libations.  Our December 15th meeting was uniquely special as we presented a donation to the Oshkosh Area Food Pantry of $2,269!  This donation was made possible through a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of the SOB 30th Anniversary beers graciously brewed by our local breweries.  Thanks again to the breweries who helped support this effort as well as the SOB’s for continuing to make this club possible.

Todd hosted the SOB’s and told us all about the history of Oblio’s being in Oshkosh for over 42 years and his experience in the craft beer movement.  One of my favorite stories being how New Glarus and Lee Beverage introduced Spotted Cow to Oblio’s as an “experiment”, not knowing if it would take off!  I think we all know how that story has unfolded since then.  Thanks for hosting us, Todd!

The annual SOB Christmas party is coming up.  The club is tentatively planning a Sunday in January to hold the party at Fifth Ward Brewing.  However, an exact date has not been set yet.  Should the party conflict with a Packers playoff game, it’s very likely we look for a time in February to have the party and hold our standard Wednesday meeting in January.  There will be an optional gift exchange though!  If you want to participate, please bring a gift around the $25 value range.  You will be assigned a random number and a drawing will be held to pick a gift.  More details to come on the date of the party.

The Central Wisconsin Vintners and Brewers will be organizing the Fond du Lac Brew Fest once again.  The date is Feb. 5th and there will be a sign-up being sent out to the clubs soon.  If you have interest in serving beer at the brew fest, please let Scott know so we can get signed up.

Election season is approaching for the SOB’s.  Nominations were held during the December meeting for the following positions and nominees:
Web Coordinator – Matt Saunders
Treasurer – Kurt Weina
Event Coordinators – Jeff and Becky

Elections for the above positions will be held at the January meeting or party.

Lastly, the SOB board is proposing some changes to the SOB by-laws.  There are a few things that warranted being updated.  Please see previous “meeting” for the proposed by-laws changes highlighted in bold.   Voting for the changes will take place during our next meeting.

With that, I wish you happy holidays.  May they be filled with joy and homebrew!  See you in January

By-law updates

Our by-laws require us to post any proposed changes to said by-laws so members have a chance to look at the before voting. These are mostly clerical and housekeeping changes. “Bold” marks proposed changes

The Bylaws of the Society of Oshkosh Brewers

Article I – Purpose

Section 1 – Name

This organization shall be known as the Society of Oshkosh Brewers (hereafter called SOB).

Section 2 – Purpose

To enjoy and promote the hobby of homebrewing “and enjoying” fermented beverages and to uphold Oshkosh’s brewing tradition.

Section 3 – Mission Statement

To promote the hobby and enjoyment of homebrewing to the membership and the public at large. To provide brewing education, judging and techniques of homebrewing fermented beverages, through the sharing of knowledge and experience.  To engage in social activities focused on homebrewing.

Article II – Membership

Section 1 – Eligibility

Membership in the SOB shall be open to anyone of legal drinking age (21) who is interested in homebrewing “and enjoying” fermented beverages.

Section 2 – Memberships

A member is a person in good standing through payment of dues.

Any member  “at” 20 years of continuous service shall be issued a Lifetime Membership card, “and is exempt from annual dues”

Section 3 – Guests

Guests are encouraged to attend any regular SOB meeting.  Guests will be allowed to attend up to three (3) meetings without payment of dues.  After this, payment of yearly dues will be required.

Section 4 – Membership Year

The membership year shall run from July 1st to June 30th.

Section 5 – Membership Removal

The removal of any regular member can be initiated by the Executive Committee or suggested to the Executive Committee by a member.  The removal of any regular member must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. A member subject to removal has the right to appeal.  The appeal must be approved by a majority vote of all regular members present at the membership meeting. 


Article III – Voting

Section 1 – Eligibility

All regular members who are current on their annual dues may vote.

Section 2 – Quorum

A total of six (6) members other than the presiding officer shall be necessary to conduct business at a membership meeting.  There shall be no quorum necessary to conduct a club brewing session, tour, event, public presentation or the like.

Section 3 – Special Vote Request

Any member may request that the Executive Committee bring an issue to the full membership for a vote.  The vote may be taken at that meeting or referred to the appropriate committee for further study. All items referred to a committee should be reported in the next published minutes and a vote taken at the next scheduled meeting, if feasible.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1 – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers who are elected according to Article III.

  • President
  • Event Coordinator(s)
  • Member Coordinator
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Webmaster

Section 2 – Executive Committee Duties

President – Will be in charge of overseeing month-to-month events of the SOB.  He/she is responsible for making sure that the monthly meetings are scheduled and planned.  This person will appoint committees for certain issues, as deemed necessary by the membership.

Event Coordinator(s) – Will be in charge of organizing specific events and activities for the SOB (beer festivals, etc). This includes beverage procurement, booth set-up, and member involvement. This person(s) is/are responsible for organizing and assembling club goods (glasses, shirts, signs, etc). Event Coordinator(s) will maintain communication with Treasurer on merchandize inventory and sales of such.

Member Coordinator – Is responsible for greeting new members, making them feel welcome and assisting with the Event Coordinator(s) as needed.

Treasurer – Is responsible for collecting dues and managing the SOB finances.  A financial report will be available at Executive Committee and membership meetings.

Secretary – Is responsible for reporting the meeting minutes for all membership and Executive Committee meetings. This person is also responsible for notifying members through email.

Webmaster – The Webmaster is responsible for designing, programming, patching, and maintaining the SOB website. Included is keeping website up to date with events and pertinent information regarding the SOB, “and publishing the SOB minutes on the website”

Section 3 – Elections

Elections shall be held annually at the January membership meeting with new Executive Committee members to take office on February 1st.

Section 4 – Nominations

Nominations from the floor and self-nominations will be allowed.

Section 5 – Term of Office

The term of office shall begin on February 1st.  Officers will serve for a term of two years.  An officer may hold a single position for two consecutive terms or until his/her successor is elected. Other elected positions may be held but must still adhere to the two term limit. “Removal of 2014 election info” President, Secretary and Member Coordinator will be elected in odd numbered years and Event Coordinator(s), Treasurer and Webmaster will be elected in even numbered years.

Section 6 – Officer Dues

As a privilege of office, the Executive Committee is exempt from paying annual dues.

Section 7 – Spending Limit

The Executive Committee is imposed with authority to weigh and approve purchases up to and not exceeding $400.00.

Purchases exceeding this amount must be presented to the membership at a monthly membership meeting. The proposed expenditure must be accepted by a majority vote of all regular members present at the membership meeting.

Section 8 – Officer Removal

The removal of any member of the Executive Committee must be recommended by the Executive Committee but can be initiated by a regular member. The membership must be notified via e-mail and voted on at the next monthly membership meeting after notification.  The removal must be accepted by a majority vote of all regular members present at the membership meeting.

Section 9 – Officers Resignation

If an officer resigns from the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member to serve out the remaining term.

Article V – Dues

Section 1 – Dues

Dues for regular members are set annually by the Executive Committee and approved by the membership.

Dues are to be paid annually by July 1st. New members who join after July 1 will be prorated by quarter-year. For example: if dues are $20 per year, then the rate is $20 from July 1st through Sept 30th; $15 from October 1st through December 31st; $10 from January 1st through March 30th and $5 from April 1st through June 30th.

Renewals are not pro-rated.

Section 2 – Payment

Dues will be collected by the Treasurer in the form of cash or check made payable to Society of Oshkosh Brewers.

Article VI – Meetings

Section 1 – Meeting of Members

Members shall meet at least once per month unless otherwise proposed by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – Meeting Procedures

Roberts “Rules of Order” shall generally govern all meetings of the SOB.

Section 3 – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet monthly or as necessary to provide direction and long-range planning for the SOB and to assist in the planning of monthly business meetings.

Article VII – Committees

Section 1 – Committee Chairs

The President shall appoint a chairman for committees, according to membership needs.  Other standing committees may be chaired by officers on the Executive Committee, or a chairman may be selected by the committee.

Section 2 – Special Projects

The President shall appoint committee chairmen for other events as the needs arises.  Other committees may include any special events that the SOB proposes.

Section 3 – Committee Members

In order to involve as many members as possible in the operation of the SOB, each committee chairman of a standing committee shall appoint 2-4 members to assist with their assigned SOB duties.  Committees should meet at least twice each year to fulfill these duties.

Article VIII – Bylaw Changes

Section 1 – Procedures for Change

Any member may petition for a change to the Bylaws.  When changes are proposed, the changes must be presented in writing and introduced at a regular monthly membership meeting.  The proposed changes shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee as soon as possible.  The proposed changes will then be published on the website and via e-mail to the membership and voted on at the next monthly membership meeting following publication.

Section 2 – Acceptance

The bylaw change must be accepted by two-thirds vote of regular members present at the membership meeting.

Amended this 21st day of October, 2015 by the membership of the Society of Oshkosh Brewers.

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