October 2022 Meeting Minutes

The SOB’s gathered together in October at their new home base, Fifth Ward Brewing!  We’re very excited to be invited by Fifth Ward to hold our regular meetings at the brewery.  The SOB’s once again feel at home.

New faces in the crowd!  Ken from 8th Day Brewing company joined us. Ken informed us Fifth Ward is helping them out brewing their first batch, a cream ale. Also, Nick has joined the club after attending the SOB picnic.  Welcome to the club guys!

Shareables during the meeting included:
Mark Stanek’s Avocado Saison, aged 2 weeks on avocados 
Al’s Beet Wine in an old, green, magical bottle. Was a flashback to the 90’s as that’s how long it’s been in Al’s care!
Kurt’s Centennial IPA that he made with his own homegrown centennial hops.  Kurt has lots of hops from his harvest!  Reach out to him if you would like some.

What’s brewing?!
Kurt picked a few pecks of apples and made a hard cider.  He’s also got a Colonial ale with smoked and rye malt with spruce tips fermenting. Kurt promises to bring this one to the next meeting. Planning to brew a big breakfast stout in the near future as well.
Brett brewed a Schwarzbier recently. He also made a base sour beer to be able to add cranberries as soon as he can get a supply. Do you know of a source of cranberries for Brett?
 Nick brewed an American Wheat with berries added at the end of the boil. 
Kevin participated in the Fond du Lac clubs apple pressing. He’s using his 5 gallons combined with maple and date sugar to make a hard cider. 
Lee has a Bohemian Dark Lager, a Vienna Lager fermenting and will be brewing a Dunkel soon. The Dunkel will be his 42nd beer this year!
Mark is brewing some mead using honey Mike Engel had from about 20 years ago. Using buckwheat honey that is super pungent. Also making a mead using orange blossom honey and pears.

The club proposed the idea of having an SOB sign to place at Fifth Ward to show it’s the home of the SOB’s. We need to consult Zach and Ian to get their thoughts. Club is aligned to spend some club funds to create a sign to hang at Fifth if they’re on board. 

Now that we have a new home, we may do more home base meetings than away meetings.
The SOB Christmas party is proposed to be during our normal meeting date and time in December and would be at Fifth Ward.  Need to double check with Zach and Ian before we can officially lock this in.

Fond du Lac Brew Fest is coming up Saturday February 4th. SOB’s are invited to homebrew alley.  Sounds like there is interest to brew and participate in this event so the SOB’s have officially registered to attend! The theme is Oktoberfest and encouraged to decorate our booth to win best booth.  If you are interested in brewing and serving beer at FDL Brew Fest, please reach out to a board member.

Logan will be back in December and the barrel program members plan to pull the sour out of the barrel and keg.  Should be really good!

Scott demonstrated to us how to use a tilt hygrometer that is also a thermometer. You drop it straight into the beer, leave it there, and it connects to an app to tell you the gravity and temperature whenever you would like to know. Displays the data real time.  Pretty slick!

Elections are approaching!  December is nominations for President, New Member Coordinator, and Secretary. January is the election month!  Start thinking of who you would like to nominate or if you have interest in a position yourself.  If you have any questions about the positions, please reach out to the current board members! Lastly, here’s a look at our upcoming meeting locations:

November – Sturgeon Spirits Distillery
December – Fifth Ward (Tentative Christmas Party)

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